Rapper Trip Lee Talks Being a Pastor and His New “The Waiting Room” Album

(PHOTO: RAY NEUTRON) Pastor Trip Barefield, 28, of Cornerstone Church West End, Georgia, popularly known as rapper Trip Lee.
Pastor Trip Barefield, 28, of Cornerstone Church West End, Georgia, popularly known as rapper Trip Lee.

When rapper Trip Lee, 28, started Bible college in 2006, he didn’t think he wanted to be a pastor. A decade later though, it’s the job he sees himself doing even after his days of rapping about life and Jesus are long behind him.

It’s Thursday, the first day of December in Midtown Manhattan and Lee is running late. Traffic, his publicist says. They are 10 blocks away. A brisk wind cuts through the bustling lunch hour crowd as time ticks by expectantly.

Inside the Pret a Manger where Lee, whose real name is Trip Barefield, would appear moments later, the voice of rapper Drake croons over thumping beats in the background. He is dressed in jeans, a T-shirt cloaked inside a jacket from the cold and a New York Yankees baseball cap. He blends right in with the crowd. He sits on a stool behind the window of the shop facing the bustling oblivious crowd along W 55th Street.

Lee’s new mixtape The Waiting Room is set for release on Dec. 9. A single called “Too Cold” from the 10-track project released earlier in November is already garnering praise while another track released just this month called “A Billion Years” is also getting buzz.

It’s been two years since his 5th album Rise, which debuted at #2 on the Billboard Rap chart and #16 on the Billboard 200, that he has released new music. And since then, his fans have been clamoring for more.

“Fans were beating down my door for new music saying Trip hurry up we’ve been waiting. So that’s kinda one thing behind this mixtape. I have a new album coming out in the near future but this is while you’re waiting for the new album,” he explains about the inspiration behind the new music.

“Waiting is a big part of life. We don’t like to admit that, especially our generation, we don’t like to wait on stuff. We want stuff immediately. Probably because technology helps you get stuff quick. You ain’t got to wait on a cab no more, just call your Uber and it pulls up. But waiting isn’t an option, that’s just a big part of life,” he says.

“There are dreams and desires that we have to wait for. And then especially as Christians, that has to be our posture because there’s stuff that Jesus purchased for us on the cross that we don’t get right now like perfect health, we don’t get that right now. No more death, no more pain, we don’t get that right now. We have to wait for that, even perfect justice, there’s so much that we’re just gonna be disappointed with in this life and we’re gonna long for the day when Christ comes back and makes everything right,” he adds.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
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