Police Release Video of Cell Confrontation With Natasha McKenna Who Later Died


The Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office has released video of deputies trying to restrain an inmate who later died.

Fairfax County Sheriff Stacy Kincaid released video of the confrontation between deputies and Natasha McKenna on Thursday.

In the video, deputies are seen trying to restrain McKenna in a chair so she could be transported to Alexandria. The deputies, dressed in biohazard suits, can be heard telling McKenna to “stop resisting” and to “hold still.” McKenna can be heard breathing heavily as deputies work to restrain her.

According to the commonwealth’s attorney’s report, she thought they would hurt her.
“You promised me you wouldn’t kill me. I didn’t do anything,” McKenna said, according to the report.

She fought deputies for more than 17 minutes and was shocked four times. Forty minutes into the video, McKenna loses consciousness, and employees of the sheriff’s office perform CPR. McKenna died five days later.

McKenna’s death was ruled a tragic accident by Fairfax County commonwealth’s attorney Raymond F. Morrogh earlier this week.

“It was Ms. McKenna’s severe mental illness, coupled with the tremendous physical exertion she put forth over an extended period of time struggling with deputies that resulted in a cascade of lethal chemical reactions inside her body,” Morrogh wrote.

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SOURCE: NBC Washington – Julie Carey, David Culver and the News4 Team

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