3D Printed Cars Could Hit the Road Next Year

PHOTO CREDIT: Local Motors
PHOTO CREDIT: Local Motors

Cars manufactured by 3D printers could hit the streets next year, the company behind the project announced this week.

The soon-to-arrive model, called “Reload Redacted Swim/Sport,” will feature customizable, interchangeable, sleek parts that can be arranged to fit individual tastes and lifestyles. The design, by Kevin Lo, a mechanical engineer from Vancouver, Wa., won a competition earlier this year. Lo received $7,500 plus royalties from future sales for his design.

“You can drastically change the look of your car and make it track-ready, fun, and sporty,” Lo told the Phoenix Business Journal. “With speakers on the outside of the car, I want the car to be the focus of everyone’s attention.”

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SOURCE: TIME, Tanya Basu

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