Thousands of Christians to Gather In North Charleston, South Carolina, to Fast and Pray for America – ‘a Nation In Crisis’

Gov. Nikki Haley
Gov. Nikki Haley

Thousands of Christians will gather Saturday in North Charleston, South Carolina. Their goal is to fast and pray for their state and the nation in a time of crisis.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley called for the state’s day of prayer and Louisana Gov. Bobby Jindal will attend the event.

But organizers stress that the gathering is non-political. Evangelical Christians will be leading the program.

“No preachers pontificating or politicians grandstanding, logos and egos are checked at the door,” press releases for the event stated.

The time of fasting, prayer, and repentance is based on the blblical admonition in the Bible from Joel, chapter 2, calling the nation of Israel to repent and pray.

“America is now in such a state of crisis…and the root is not to be found in political agendas, economic doldrums, crime rates, or terrorist threats, as many believe,” prayer leaders say on The Response SC website.

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