“The People Factor” Ranks No. 1 for Black Christian Best Sellers List

The People Factor Ranks No. 1 for Black Christian Best Sellers List

Van Moody’s Transformational Book Ranked Among March’s Bestselling Christian Book

BIRMINGHAM, AL, (March 20, 2014) – Van Moody’s transformational guide to analyzing and evaluating relationships, “The People Factor”, is ranked No. 1 on the March 2014 Top 10 Black Christian News/Black Christian Company Bestsellers List.

In the “non-fiction” category, Moody’s book beat out several other hugely popular authors, including legendary NFL coach Tony Dungy, Lauren Dungy and Nathan Whitaker, Ben Carson, the world famous surgeon and Tony Evans, the widely popular evangelist.

The People Factor is also ranked No. 2 on Amazon’s Christian Dating and Relationships Best Seller List. On Amazon’s website, the largest online retailer for book lovers, according to TopTenReviews.com, The People Factor is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Moody’s advice reflects his Harvard and Oxford education, his work with the late Pope John Paul II, and his experiences as a trainer with John Maxwell’s EQUIP leadership program. Readers of the book will have to “put the book down and do a self-evaluation and even dry some tears,” according to Amazon reviewer Tara Kidd.

The dialogue about the life-changing book has stretched to social media where Dallas-based mega-church leader Bishop T.D. Jakes tweeted, “Say goodbye to those toxic relationships. You can make it without them! #Transformation2014 #ThePeopleFactor.”

The People Factor has garnered attention from this generation’s most influential spiritual leaders such as Joel Osteen, author and senior pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, who said, “The People Factor, it’s a great book. It’ll inspire you and challenge you.”

Moody’s The People Factor will give readers skills to discern positive and negative relationships, raise readers’ relational IQ and create new opportunities for readers to foster new connections.

About Van Moody, Pastor and Founder of The Worship Center Christian Church
Field expert Van Moody is an author, motivational speaker and media expert source who advises on matters related to relationships as they pertain to friends, family, significant others and the workplace. Moody is an associate trainer in Japan for EQUIP, the world’s largest and most comprehensive grassroots leadership, personal growth and development organization founded by Dr. John C. Maxwell. He also serves on the board of directors for Joel Osteen’s Champions Network. Moody earned a B.A. from DePauw University and has lectured in the classrooms of Harvard and Oxford Universities where he, himself, has also studied to further his quest for knowledge in business, economic and community Development. Moody and his wife reside in Birmingham, Alabama with their two children. Learn more online at www.vanmoody.com. You can follow Pastor Van on Twitter @Van_Moody.

About The People Factor
The People Factor, by Van Moody, is an insightful, purposeful work outlining the tools you need to turn the relationships in your life into fruitful catalysts for motivation and transformation. The People Factor helps readers recognize the cues of toxic relationships and tips to nurture healthy relationships and set boundaries with friends, family and in the workplace.

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Ascendant Branding Group

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