Some say Iranian Authorities are Deceiving Western Media Regarding Charges Against Pastor Nadarkhani

Pastor_Youcef_Nadarkhani-23.jpgSources inside Iran are revealing Iranian government authorities are providing deceptive information to Western media regarding charges against Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani.

According to Jason DeMars of Present Truth Ministries ( ) the Iranian government is releasing various conflicting reports in an attempt to confuse and deceive the Western media.
Demars says Gholam Ali Rezvanithe, head of VEVAK in Gilan province, has released a perplexing and dishonest report regarding Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who stands convicted of apostasy and awaits the outcome a recent review of his case by a lower court, during which he refused to recant his faith in Jesus Christ.
DeMars told ANS: “Rezavanithe is stating that the charges are not apostasy, but rather crimes against national security. The report, posted by Iran’s government-controlled media, states that the charges are not in regards to his religion, but from being a ‘Zionist.'”
DeMars said Rezvanithe is stating that in Iran no one would be hanged due to their religion, even though the written verdicts state otherwise.
“He also states that the ‘verdict’ against brother Youcef, for crimes against national security, is not definitive,” DeMars said.
“We have the original written verdict from both the provincial court in Gilan and the Supreme Court branch in Qom that detail apostasy. We also have a translation of these documents into English for your review.”
Source: Assist News | Michael Ireland

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