Remembering the History of the Church in North Africa

Photo courtesy of International Media Ministries

How do we remember history well? It’s a question on the hearts and minds of many in the wake of political discussions and challenges. What history is worth remembering? Are there stories that should be left in the past? Where can we be inspired, and where do we need to learn from our mistakes?

International Media Ministries already has some experience learning to remember history well. Their Heritage Project chronicles the lives and stories of early Christians. The docudrama video series tells the stories of Cyprian, Tertullian, Perpetua, and other early believers, especially those from North Africa. For the most part, Christian history in North Africa has been forgotten or discarded.

“We can… see things that could be significant to our future if we examine what has occurred in the past,” says Denise Godwin of International Media Ministries. “It’s really intriguing when you start digging into the past to recognize how history of course repeats itself and how much we can learn from that.”

It’s not just about avoiding mistakes of the past; Godwin says we can find hope in stories of God’s persistent support and working plan. Even the most painful experiences often yielded spiritually amazing results.

“People were martyred, people were challenged, and yet with Christ, all of these things are bearable. All these things have a significance that we cannot achieve as simple human beings,” she says.

Christ’s involvement in our story can push us to show fruits of the Spirit, to trust in His plan, and to cling to the hope of the Gospel in everything we do.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Alex Anhalt


  • Pray for the regional and international success of the Heritage Project.
  • Ask God to continue to tell His story through your life.
  • Thank Him for the way He has used His followers in the past, present, and future.