“The Gospel According to Ruth” Author Goes from MTV Dancer to Bible Scholar

Source: Book Cover / Kevin Foster Publishing House
Source: Book Cover / Kevin Foster Publishing House

Just in time for the start of fall Bible studies, The Gospel According to Ruth, A Season of Harvest: 121 Devotions. The new  book comes from an introspective writer Kevin Foster.

He was a professional break-dancer on TV and MTV for The Commodores and Cherrelle. He appeared on The Benson Show and in commercials for national brands like Mountain Dew. He was the most wanted dancer.  But suddenly that all changed. He went from that high to facing both a brain tumor and cancer.

But Kevin Foster, a soul on a journey, triumphed.

The testing and challenges culminate in his verse by verse study, The Gospel According to Ruth, A Season of Harvest: 121 Devotions.

Comparing our lives to a journey, Foster sees our lives outside of Christ as being in the desert of Moab, before Ruth knew the Living God, and her journey to Bethlehem as our journey to finding faith in Christ.

“We find rich mercies in God,Naomi returned to His love and mercy. Ruth discovered His love and mercy, and Boaz extended His love and mercy. If you are lost in Moab….come home to the sweet love and mercies of God. He is the Father of mercies and a friend of sinners. God in Christ Jesus is where you will be forever loved.”

Foster’s words on the page  have impact because he’s faced trials, yet still followed God.

As a nationally-recognized skateboarder, he sought to become a top breakdancer. After perfecting his moves, he won a national Kool-Aid commercial despite not having an agent. He next garnered commercials for Mountain Dew and Ocean Spray, then music video performances and evertthing was great. You read about how  he traveled to 16 countries with a global skateboard ministry, later moved to Liberia, West Africa for study and service with a medical missionary doctor and attended Bible College while there.

Yet, God called him and he was on the road of life again seeking a career as a Nurse Practitioner and a Physician’s Assistant, he then began studies at the University of Southern California School of Medicine.

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