Are Egyptian Christians Safe?

Egyptian Christians

Tension appears to be rising in Egypt under President al-Sisi’s heavy-handed leadership.

In the past 10 days:

  • Between 12 and 55 people have been arrested and detained leading up to yesterday’s peaceful protest.
  • A Cairo court sentenced 11 men to death for their involvement in one of the world’s worst soccer riots.
  • U.S. leadership acknowledged Sisi’s repression in a May report to Congress released publicly last week. However, leaders admitted, Egypt was too important as a Middle East ally to stop sending it U.S. aid.
  • Despite Sisi’s crackdown on elements of radical Islam — especially the Muslim Brotherhood — militants have expanded their attacks to include Egyptian tourist sites, a huge component of the country’s economy.

What does all of it mean for Egyptian Christians? International Needs USA President Rody Rodeheaver says believers are relatively safe — for now.

“They trust the military far more than they trusted Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood,” he explains.

“But, you also have to realize that this is a country that never was a democracy. He [Sisi] will rule with a bit of an iron hand to keep control. The vote is out on which way this will go.”

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Katey Hearth

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