Roger Staubach’s Daughter Writes Book Honoring her Mother, Pidge. Have You Made Your #PidgePromise Yet?

Shelly Slater with children from St. Mary's Carmel... And, of course, Pidge.
Shelly Slater with children from St. Mary’s Carmel… And, of course, Pidge.

Children at St. Mary’s Carmel are making promises to Pidge.

Pidge is a character traveling around town promoting literacy. She’s been snapped with Former First Lady Laura Bush, Troy Aikman, Pat Green and many others.

Weekly, Author Michelle Staubach Grimes visits St. Mary’s Carmel to involve students, like Thomas Erko, in the process of creating a book.

From the number on the jersey, to the dog, and large family, her book, ‘Where is Pidge,’ is part fiction and part truth.

It all starts with her mom, MaryAnne Staubach, and the nickname she grew up with — Pidge.

“This is me as a 46-year-old woman telling my mom thank you,” said Michelle Staubach Grimes.

“I’m going to tear up thinking about it now. It was really such a loving thing for her to do,” said MaryAnne Staubach.

“You’re a mom, you get in the bed at night and say, ‘oh gosh did I say the right thing? Did I handle that well?’ You’re always second guessing yourself. So it’s great when they get to be adults and say, ‘thanks mom, you did it right,'” explained MaryAnne.

“Even though we were in the spotlight we weren’t better than anybody else,” said Roger Staubach.

Staubach fought to keep his kids grounded and focused, not on themselves, but others.

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SOURCE: Shelly Slater

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