Public Relations Strategist Says the Recent Mark Driscoll Controversies Show a Church’s Greatest Threat Comes from Within

Mark Driscoll preaching

A public relations strategist who assists churches and ministries with issues and reputation management says that while the mainstream media is becoming more anti-church, the greatest threat comes from within.

Principal of Mercer PR Lyall Mercer says the current spate of negative publicity against Seattle’s Mars Hill Church is being driven by Christians.

“The American church is splintered on both theological and ideological grounds, which leads many within the church to focus more on criticizing other Christians than looking at their own lives,” Mercer notes.

“The attacks against pastor Mark Driscoll that were started by radio host Janet Mefferd—and are still ongoing—have caused a lot of damage to both Mars Hill and the church at large. This should be a wake-up call to other churches.

“Churches are usually aware of negative mainstream publicity but often ignore the danger of the enemy within,” he adds.

Mercer says entire “ministries” have been created around trashing other ministries, and new media gives them more exposure than ever before.

“The instant digital and social media age provides a forum to those Christians who see themselves as the watchmen of the church, and the result is endless attacks on higher-profile churches and ministries,” Mercer explains.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Bill Roberts

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