Tennessee Police Officer’s ‘Extraordinary’ Random Act of Kindness Goes Viral

A Cleveland, Tennessee, police officer is being praised after his act of kindness towards a family went viral on social media.

An fellow unnamed shopper spotted the act of kindness and wrote about it in a Facebook post: “Just witnessed an another extraordinary act by our men and women in uniform. A police officer paid for the groceries of a customer here at Walmart. The best part, the customer told the police officer ‘God bless you’ and the police officer responded ‘I am already blessed.’ I love you.”

The Cleveland TN Police Department heard about their officer’s generosity after the post was shared multiple times online.

“Scrolling through random Facebook posts and then see this one that makes us ALL proud to be Cleveland police officers. After a “he’s 6’5 and buff” description, we narrowed it down to our tallest officers and deducted it was School Resource Officer Mike Kelly. It is guaranteed that Kelly wouldn’t want the credit from this, but it’s these random acts of kindness that inspire US ALL to be kind to others!” the department wrote.

Officer Kelly was working a security department job at Walmart when he noticed a man in line whose credit card got declined when he tried to pay. Kelly says, “I just felt God telling me — saying ‘Just go help him. We’re getting extra money to be [here].’ And I’m just like ‘Are these people going to go hungry when I’m just sitting here making a little extra money for myself?'”

– Blair Halliday