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FCC Gets Involved in Fight Between Netflix and ISPs

The FCC is continuing its aggressive course by wading into the fight between Netflix and internet service providers (ISPs) about what is causing slow internets. In recent weeks, Netflix has been (publicly) duking it out with Verizon through a campaign of direct shaming... Continue Reading →


Why Technology Will Help the U.S. Film Business Grow $8 Billion in 5 Years

The global market will grow $22 billion by 2018, according to a new report by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The popularity of video services like Netflix and Amazon will help the movie business generate $8 billion in extra revenue over the next five... Continue Reading →

Netflix Chief Product Officer says the Future of TV Will be Personalization of Content and No More Commercials

Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt predicted Monday that the future of TV will see the unbundling of cable packages, more personalization of content and an end to TV commercials as we know them. "Linear TV is ripe for replacement,"... Continue Reading →

FCC Chairman says he has Revised his Approach to Net Neutrality Rules

After his proposal to allow Internet companies to charge Web companies for speedier delivery of their content was met with widespread criticism, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler is trying to make the case that it is possible to have Internet fast lanes without... Continue Reading →

Netflix Raises Prices By $1 For New Subscribers

Netflix is raising its Internet video prices by $1 per month for new customers and giving its current U.S. subscribers a two-year break from the higher rates. The changes mean anyone signing up for Netflix’s video subscription service beginning Friday... Continue Reading →

Netflix to Pay Verizon for Peering Two Months After Comcast Deal

Netflix has reached a deal to pay Verizon to connect networks, the second such agreement aimed at improving the quality of the video streaming service. Comcast signed a similar deal in February that included Netflix paying for the privilege of connecting networks.... Continue Reading →

Amazon to Employees: If You Don’t Like Your Job, We’ll Pay You $5,000 to Quit

Quitters wanted: Unhappy with your job? Feeling unproductive? Take $5,000 and go. At least, that's what Inc. is offering its warehouse employees. In a letter to shareholders this week, Chief Executive Jeffrey Bezos outlined the details of a rare... Continue Reading →

How Amazon Fire TV Compares With Other Streaming Options

On Wednesday, Amazon took another dip into the hardware business with Fire TV, a set-top box for streaming video from Amazon and other sources, including Netflix and Hulu. Of course, consumers have countless ways to stream video, including a variety... Continue Reading →

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