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Tesla CEO Says Self-driving Cars are Still “5-6 Years Away”

The concept of automatic car for Tesla might take some more time to arrive. According to the statement given by Tesla’s Chief Executive Officer, Elon Musk, this could happen “maybe five or six years from now,” where drivers can “literally... Continue Reading →


Google Signs Deal with Portland Officials to Bring Fiber Internet Service to the City

Some Portland residents will have another alternative for Internet service soon, as this week the Portland City Council has approved a franchise agreement with Google to bring its fiber service into the Northwest locale. Google will apparently offer free Internet... Continue Reading →

Google to Spend Over $1 Billion on Satellites to Increase Internet Access Around the World

Google plans to spend more than $1 billion on a fleet of satellites to extend Internet access to unwired regions of the globe, people familiar with the project said, hoping to overcome financial and technical problems that thwarted previous efforts. Details... Continue Reading →

Using Internet or iPhone Apps to Manage Blood Pressure Can Be Misleading

People who turn to the Internet or iPhone apps for help in controlling their blood pressure may be led astray in some cases, two preliminary studies suggest. In one study, researchers who did a sweep of YouTube videos on high... Continue Reading →

European Court Rules that Google, Yahoo, and Bing Should Allow People to Remove Personal Information from Search Results

People should have some say over the results that pop up when they conduct a search of their own name online, Europe's highest court said Tuesday. In a landmark decision, The Court of Justice of the European Union said Google... Continue Reading →

FCC Chairman says he has Revised his Approach to Net Neutrality Rules

After his proposal to allow Internet companies to charge Web companies for speedier delivery of their content was met with widespread criticism, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler is trying to make the case that it is possible to have Internet fast lanes without... Continue Reading →

Cyber Authorship: Inspired Writing for the Internet Age

In February of 2012, a North Carolina father took a handgun and leveled nine shots into his teen daughter’s laptop, recording the whole event in a YouTube video that went viral on the Internet. The crime? His daughter had posted disrespectful comments (complete with... Continue Reading →

FCC to Propose Pay-for-Preferential Treatment Rules in Blow to Net Neutrality

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will take public comments before moving forward with a new set of net neutrality rules that sparked controversy when they were leaked in a news report earlier Wednesday. The FCC will release a proposal soon... Continue Reading →

Here We Go Again – There Is So-Called New Evidence Proving that Jesus Christ Had a Wife

The Internet has been abuzz with intriguing headlines announcing that scholars have determined the so-called “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife” papyrus is “authentic” and that there is “no forgery evidence” in the manuscript. What exactly does this mean? And should Christians... Continue Reading →

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