HERE WE GO: Brandan Robertson, a Graduate of the Orthodox, Conservative, Evangelical MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE, is a Proud Homosexual Pastor Who Said Premarital Sex is “Good and Healthy,” Jesus Used a Racial Slur, and Made a Blasphemous Statement That Jesus Was Likely a Sinner Who Had to Grow in Sanctification. Robertson Now Preaches a SOUL-DAMNING DOCTRINE That Says Christians Should Not Convert People to Christ. Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International Says, When the Devil Possesses You to Believe That Homosexuality is Not a Sin But is Good and Right, Everything Else You Believe About God and Sin is Going to be Skewed.

PARENTS, Your Sweet Neighborhood Elementary School, Middle School, and High School ARE INTENTIONALLY ATTEMPTING TO MAKE YOUR CHILDREN INTO HOMOSEXUALS WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT. Wendell Perez, the Father of an Elementary-aged Daughter, Says, “MY BLOOD BOILS” Each Time he Recalls School’s Secret Attempt to Transition His Daughter Into a Boy, and Who Tried to Commit Suicide Twice Because of This Satanic Confusion.