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US Faces Other Extremism Threats After ISIS Collapse in Raqqa

The imminent fall of the Islamic State’s de facto capital leaves America a multitude of tasks to restore stability in the Middle East, starting with pockets of remaining IS resistance in Syria and Iraq. Then there are the more deeply... Continue Reading →


Travel Industry Ramps Up Effort to Promote Caribbean Tourism

The travel industry is ramping up efforts to remind consumers that many Caribbean islands were unaffected by hurricanes and that their economies depend on tourism. Tourism agencies and travel companies are promoting deals, events and fundraising efforts while reinforcing the... Continue Reading →

Israel Says There Will Be No Talks if Hamas Is in Palestinian Government

Israel said Tuesday it would not conduct diplomatic negotiations with a Palestinian government that includes a role for the militant Hamas group, laying down a significant potential roadblock to already complicated Palestinian reconciliation efforts. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said... Continue Reading →

US-Backed Syrian Forces Celebrate Fall of ISIS Capital of Raqqa

U.S.-backed Syrian forces celebrated in the devastated streets of Raqqa on Tuesday after gaining control of the northern city that once was the heart of the Islamic State’s self-styled caliphate, dealing a major defeat to the extremist group that has... Continue Reading →

U.S.-Backed Forces Say Raqqa Has Been Captured From ISIS

American-backed forces said on Tuesday that they had seized the northern Syrian city of Raqqa from the Islamic State, a major blow to the militant group, which had long used the city as the de facto capital of its self-declared... Continue Reading →

Ancient Temple of Ramses II Discovered by Archaeologists in Egypt

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered the remains of an ancient temple belonging to King Ramses II. Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities says that the discovery was made by an Egyptian-Czech mission in the village of Abusir southwest of Cairo. The excavation... Continue Reading →

46 Officers Killed in Taliban Attacks on Afghan Police Posts

At least 46 Afghan police officers, including a senior general, were killed in two separate Taliban attacks on Tuesday, officials said, highlighting the heavy cost paid by the country’s police force amid the Afghan war’s escalating violence. The attacks, in... Continue Reading →

Chinese House Church Leaders and Toddler Arrested After Singing in Public Park

The Communist country proves that it is serious about its newest religious restrictions. A Chinese house church pastor, her daughter, and her young grandson have been arrested, weeks after being accused of overstepping the country’s newly tightened religious restrictions. Chinese... Continue Reading →

Duterte Declares Besieged City of Marawi ‘Liberated’

Six months into a protracted battle with militants besieged in the southern city of Marawi, the Philippine military appears to be on the cusp of victory. In a speech to soldiers in the city on Tuesday, President Rodrigo Duterte was... Continue Reading →

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