Daniel Whyte III Says, Nobody Else is Saying it, But In Case You Are Wondering, People, the MONSTER IAN HURRICANE is a Continuation of God DESTROYING and DISMANTLING America Because the So-Called Church in America Has Turned Into a JUDAS CHURCH That Has Turned its Back on Jesus Christ, and Has Not Fulfilled at All the Two Simple Mandates That Jesus Christ Left Her To do: the GREAT COMMANDMENT and the GREAT COMMISSION. The Laodicean Judas Church of Today Has Failed God, the Family, the Government, the Nation, and the World. And I Have no Fear of Successful Contradiction. People, This is Not Climate Change Because God Created the Climate and He Controls the Climate For His Purposes; Therefore, if it is Climate Change, He is the One Who is Changing the Climate. Also, Let me Help You People to Understand Something About God: GOD DOES NOT BLESS PEOPLE WITH THINGS SUCH AS HOUSES, CARS, AND LANDS FOR HIM TO TURN AROUND AND DESTROY THEM AND BLOW THEM AWAY UNLESS YOU GIVE HIM REASON TO DO SO, and That is, by Your Dishonoring Him, Disrespecting Him, and Disobeying Him. The wheels of God grind slo’ but they grind sho’.