HOUSTON WAS HIT HARD BY A STRANGE MAJOR TORNADO THAT LEFT BEHIND A WIDE SWATH OF DAMAGE. SO FAR, THANK GOD, NO ONE WAS KILLED. Daniel Whyte III President of Gospel Light Society International says, it is not one isolated incident that proves the merciful, gracious, loving, slow-rolling rebuke and chastisement of the church for her gross sins and abominations of adultery; divorce and remarriage without biblical grounds, which produces living in adultery; fornication; side pieces; concubines; swinging; Ashley Madison; sexual harassment of women; molestation and rape of children, as well as colluding with the government to condone and sanction homosexuality and homosexual marriage in the church and in the greater society, which has brought on the merciful, gracious, loving, slow-rolling, destruction and dismantling of America piece-by-piece. But it is an accumulation of over 13 years of repeated disasters and calamities and now plagues coming at an unrelenting pace and increasing in intensity that shows that God is not pleased with the church or America. The church needs to repent, the church needs to pray, humble herself, turn from her wicked ways and get back to her first love, and America needs to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and repent of her sins. The reason God is doing it slowly is because He is giving the church space to repent and giving others who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior space to believe in Christ and repent of their sins.

WATCH: OPENLY LESBIAN ELLEN, WHO HELPED TO LEAD THE COUNTRY TO ACCEPT THE ABOMINATION OF HOMOSEXUALITY/LESBIANISM, TRIES TO BLAME SO-CALLED MOTHER NATURE — CLIMATE CHANGE — FOR THE  SECOND ROUND OF DESTRUCTION IN MONTECITO, WHERE SHE, OPRAH, HARRY AND MEGHAN LIVE BY SAYING, ” WE NEED TO BE NICER TO MOTHER NATURE.” Daniel Whyte III President of Gospel Light Society International tells Ellen and others in America you need to be nicer to Father God, not the so-called Mother Nature for there is no such thing; this destruction of the entire state of California is an increase of what Whyte has been warning the Church and America of for over 12 years. You are witnessing the loving, merciful, slow-rolling destruction and dismantling of America because of the Church’s and America’s gross sins of adultery, fornication, divorce and remarriage without biblical grounds, the raping and molestation of children, homosexuality, and the Church colluding with the government to endorse and sanction the abominations of homosexuality and homosexual marriage, among other sins and abominations.

UPDATED: WOKEISM (DECEPTIONISM): THE BLOB OF BEELZEBUB (Parts 1-31) WITH DANIEL WHYTE III. Whyte says further, you can ignore WOKEISM if you want to, but WOKEISM is DECEPTIONISM which is a strong delusion by satan spoken of in the Bible. If somebody is not fasting and praying in the family you may bury your children and or your grandchildren because the SATANIC SPIRIT OF WOKEISM leads to sadness, depression, isolation, separation from parents, emptiness, nihilism, being murdered, murdering, and also leads to suicide.