DANIEL WHYTE III ANNOUNCES ANNUAL GOSPEL LIGHT SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL 40-DAY DANIEL FAST. THIS IS GOING TO BE A FAST TO CAST OUT THE DEMONIC SPIRIT OF WOKEISM, WHICH WHYTE IS PREACHING AT LEAST A 40-DAY SERMON SERIES TITLED: WOKEISM (WHICH WHYTE RENAMED DECEPTIONISM): THE BLOB OF BEELZEBUB. Jesus Christ said, “This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.” There is no other way to defeat this satanic demonic spirit of WOKEISM, yea, DECEPTIONISM, other than prayer and fasting. Appeasing people who are WOKE, running after people who are WOKE, getting angry with people who are WOKE is not going to get it. Here at the beginning of this year, 2023, pray and fast for your family, your children, and your grandchildren, and for other children and young people, and ask God to cast out this demonic spirit of WOKEISM from their lives and protect them from this demonic spirit for most people do not realize it, but many well-to-do, college-age, college-educated young people are losing their lives because of WOKEISM or what Whyte calls DECEPTIONISM; families are being destroyed because of WOKEISM. 

UPDATED: WOKEISM (DECEPTIONISM): THE BLOB OF BEELZEBUB (Parts 1-31) WITH DANIEL WHYTE III. Whyte says further, you can ignore WOKEISM if you want to, but WOKEISM is DECEPTIONISM which is a strong delusion by satan spoken of in the Bible. If somebody is not fasting and praying in the family you may bury your children and or your grandchildren because the SATANIC SPIRIT OF WOKEISM leads to sadness, depression, isolation, separation from parents, emptiness, nihilism, being murdered, murdering, and also leads to suicide.