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SpaceX Delays Internet Satellite Launch Until Wednesday

For the second time in recent days, SpaceX has delayed the launch of a rocket carrying prototype satellites for its planned broadband internet service. The Falcon 9 is now set to blast off Wednesday, just a few weeks after SpaceX... Continue Reading →


Lost Artwork Found Underneath Early Picasso Painting

In 1957, when Pablo Picasso was in his seventh decade, he mused that x-ray technology might one day reveal a lost work underneath one of his early paintings. Today, that prediction became reality—although the technology involved goes far beyond x-rays.... Continue Reading →

SpaceX Set to Launch First Internet Satellites on Sunday

On Sunday, a week after launching its huge Falcon Heavy rocket, SpaceX is set to blast off another test of a long-awaited new product. More than three years ago we learned Elon Musk and his rocket company were working on... Continue Reading →

Trump Administration Wants to Cut Funding for Climate Science, Boost Fossil Fuels

The Trump administration is targeting federal funding for studying and tracking climate change while boosting the continued burning of planet-warming fossil fuels. The White House's 2019 spending plan seeks to reduce or eliminate climate science programs across an array of... Continue Reading →

Recreated Face of Queen Nefertiti Sparks Accusations of Whitewashing

What was supposed to be a historical reconstruction project, showing the face of King Tut's biological mother Queen Nefertiti for the first time, has turned sour, amid accusations of whitewashing. The Travel Channel, as part of its series "Expedition Unknown"... Continue Reading →

Here’s What’s Next for SpaceX After Falcon Heavy’s First Flight

More launches, bigger rockets, and deeper challenges await The first launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket was mostly a success for SpaceX. The middle rocket core broke apart when it crashed into the water next to the company’s autonomous drone ship, and... Continue Reading →

First Human Eggs Grown in Laboratory

Developing eggs from earliest stages to maturity could open the door to new approach to fertility preservation Women at risk of premature fertility loss might have cause for new hope as researchers reveal that human eggs can be developed in... Continue Reading →

SpaceX Successfully Launches Falcon Heavy

From the same pad where NASA launched rockets that carried astronauts to the moon, a big, new American rocket arced into space on Tuesday. But this time, NASA was not involved. The rocket, the Falcon Heavy, was built by SpaceX,... Continue Reading →

Chicago’s Field Museum is Replacing T-Rex Exhibit With the Largest Dinosaur Ever Discovered

Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History is preparing for a new, sizeable addition to its collection. After nearly 20 years of being the main attraction of the museum, Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex will be dismantled and moved to make way... Continue Reading →

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