One of the Wisest Political Geniuses and Former U.S. Secretary of State Who Happens to Be a Jew, Henry Kissinger, Says Ukraine Must Give Up Territory to Russia – Daniel Whyte III Says Finally Someone With Some Wisdom and Common Sense Tells Ukraine What They Must Do to Save the World From World War III. Let Me Help You: You Are Not Winning When the Civilians You Told to Throw Molotov Cocktails at the Russians Are Being Slaughtered by the Hundreds and All of the Rah-rah Talk by the Woke Media Is Not What We Need. We Need Truth. So It Is Good That Kissinger Finally Spoke Up and Put Some Common Sense in the Heads of the People by Telling Zelensky and the Ukrainians, “I Hope the Ukrainians Will Match the Heroism They Have Shown With Wisdom.” My Question Is What Took This Wise Former Secretary of State So Long to Say This.