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Dr. Richard Land Tells Roy Moore he Needs to Take a Lie Detector Test

by Dr. Richard D. Land Dear Judge Roy Moore It is with a heavy heart that I feel compelled to communicate with you concerning the controversy that has engulfed your candidacy for the United States Senate from Alabama. We were... Continue Reading →


Texas Church Massacre: Bill Clinton and Barack Obama Missed Opportunities to Fix Gun Background Check Flaws

Five-year-old Ryland Ward's tiny body was shattered by five bullets while he prayed with his family in church this month. He miraculously survived. Twenty-five people, including a pregnant mother, did not. Carlin Brite Holcombe, just weeks before being born, died as well.  They're the victims of... Continue Reading →

Why Can’t a White American Be Filipino? By Michael Brown

Speaking at Oberlin College in 2001, transgender activist Lynn Hyckman stated that, "The basic assumption of transgenderism is the transgressing of gender norms. Whether that means completely passing from one end to the other, or finding a space that combines... Continue Reading →

Christianity Today Editor Katelyn Beaty Says the ‘Pence Rule’ Isn’t the Answer to Weinstein-like Behavior

by Katelyn Beaty When Harvey Weinstein’s decades of sexual predation came to light last month, one could hear the soft din of schadenfreude from many evangelicals. Conservative Christians have long considered Hollywood to be a hotbed of moral libertinism wrapped... Continue Reading →

Rev. Mark Creech Responds to California NAACP President’s Proposition: Why Getting Rid of the National Anthem Won’t Improve Race Relations

First, athletes across the country took a knee during the national anthem to protest the mistreatment of minorities in America. For most, the action was deemed an improper venue for making their statement, and highly disrespectful to the nation's flag... Continue Reading →

It’s Time to Stop Defending Judge Roy Moore by Shane Vander Hart

I wanted to follow-up my article from Friday morning about the allegations about former Roy Moore, the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and Republican nominee in Alabama's U.S. Senate race. At the end of my piece I wrote: This situation,... Continue Reading →

The Day of the Texas Church Massacre, I Went to Buy a Gun by Nolan Finley

On the same day of the Texas church massacre, I stopped by a local sporting goods shop intent on purchasing a new shotgun. I’ve had my eye on the nicely built 12-gauge over/under for some time, and when I spotted... Continue Reading →

After Sutherland Springs, Don’t Stop Praying, But Do Something Else Too

by Richard Mouw Back in the South African apartheid era, I helped organize anti-apartheid efforts in our local community in Michigan. At one of those gatherings we heard a stirring address by a visiting black Christian leader from South Africa. She... Continue Reading →

Michael Brown Writes an Open Letter to Dan Brown

by Michael Brown Dear Dan, Before getting into the heart of this letter, as a non-fiction author myself, I am amazed at your gift for writing fiction. It's incredible to see how you get the reader involved, how you hold... Continue Reading →

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