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Darrell B. Harrison Says the the Problem Is Enmity, Not Ethnicity

Enmity. It is a word that has all but disappeared from our contemporary vernacular. Think about it for a moment. When was the last time you used the word enmity in a sentence or heard someone else use it? Exactly. And yet,... Continue Reading →


Piers Morgan Goes Off on James Comey, Calls him ‘Judas’ Comey

‘My book is about ethical leadership,’ tweeted former FBI Director James Comey yesterday. To which my immediate response, having watched his shockingly self-serving, unctuously arrogant and cynically exploitative ABC interview to launch the book, is this: 1) What would he... Continue Reading →

The Humble Leader by Eric Geiger

Leadership is often very humbling, and leadership is most dangerous when it ceases to be. Here is what I mean: Leadership is humbling because it is extremely challenging. Being a leader can be deeply sanctifying because humbling opportunities abound. The... Continue Reading →

Beth Moore’s 5 Keys to Accountability

Recent conversations on social media and elsewhere have been sounding alarms on the toxicity of celebrity culture within the body of Christ. I was asked to chime in on the subject by sharing several ways that I practice personal accountability... Continue Reading →

Being a Single Adoptive Parent on Mission by K. Faith Morgan

"So, what are you doing about it now?" my pastor asked when I told him God had called me to foster care. One question -- eight words -- changed my life forever. I've known for a long time that's what... Continue Reading →

Failure Is a Key to Growth by Tom Arthur

I've been experimenting with ways to grow my church. I know "church growth" is sometimes a bad word, but at its best, church growth is about making disciples of Jesus Christ. So I went with my worship leader, Jeremy, to... Continue Reading →

News is Entertainment; Entertainment is News

The United Nations described it as a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing,” the military offensive that led to the exodus of Rohingya Muslims in the Myanmar province of Rakhine. Almost a half-million men, women and children have fled persecution or death in the region... Continue Reading →

King’s Dream Will Succeed if Our Relationships Are Rooted in the Bible by Nicole Massie Martin

April 4 marks the 50-year anniversary since the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. In a time of resurging hate groups and racially charged gatherings, King’s prophetic messages matter now more than ever. Our churches, too, need his message. The New... Continue Reading →

John W. Whitehead Says America Hasn’t Learned a Thing: Racism, Materialism and Militarism Still Reign Supreme

As a nation, we have a tendency to sentimentalize cultural icons in death in a way that renders them non-threatening, antiseptic and easily digested by a society with an acute intolerance for anything controversial, politically incorrect or marred by imperfection.... Continue Reading →

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