Daniel Whyte III Says Every True, God-called Pastor in the World Ought to Read This Loving and Respectful Article Directed to Pastors, and if It Does Not Move You to Tears Then You Are Not Saved and You Need to Get Out of the Ministry, Because It Is About the Painful Result of the Silence of the “Lamb Pastors” About the Soul-Destroying, Family-Destroying, Church-Destroying, and Nation-Destroying Abomination and Sin of Homosexuality. This Article Brought Me To Tears and You Know How Hard I Am. God Is the Only One Who Can Make Me Cry. We at Black Christian News Have Rarely Done This for Any Writer Outside of BCNN1, but This Article Will Remain on the Front of This Site Until Jesus Comes, or Until We Die, or Until We Sell It to a Worthy Company. Here Is the Title of the Article From One of the Most Godly and Loving Christian Writers of Our Time, Dr. Michael Brown: Pastors, With Love and Respect, You Cannot Be Silent Any Longer About the Destructive Abomination of Homosexuality and How It Is Ripping Apart the Lives of Your Own People in Your Church. “One Reason That We Are in the Midst of This Very Real Crisis Which Is Affecting Millions and Millions of People Is Because, for All Too Many Years, We Have Failed to Address the Relevant Biblical and Cultural Issues.”