SPECIAL URGENT NOTE FROM DANIEL WHYTE III and BLACKCHRISTIANNEWS.COM: BECAUSE OUR ENEMIES IN THE WOKE SO-CALLED SODOMITE/HOMOSEXUAL-AFFIRMING CHURCH, THE WOKE SODOMITE/HOMOSEXUAL-AFFIRMING GOVERNMENT (even foreign governments), AND EVEN IN DANIEL WHYTE III’s FAMILY ARE ATTACKING US HARD (“But Jesus, said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house”), WE NEED HELP FROM OUR FRIENDS WHO BELIEVE IN WHAT DANIEL WHYTE  III and BLACKCHRISTIANNEWS.COM (BCNN1.COM) HAVE DONE OVER THE PAST NEARLY 20 YEARS AND IS DOING. Dr. Tony Evans and The Urban Alternative Have Stood With BLACKCHRISTIANNEWS.COM (BCNN1.COM) Financially For Many Years, and They Are Not Only Paid up For Their Promotions and Advertisement Through This Year 2023, But They Have On Their Own Without Blackchristiannews.com Asking Given Blackchristiannews.com a $1000.00 Raise and Have Paid $4,400.00 For Their Promotions All The Way Through July 2024 to Help Us Through This Difficult Time. When we at Blackchristiannews.com (Bcnn1.com), Which is Coming Upon Celebrating 20 Years Since its Founding, Run Articles That Rebuke the Satanic Spirit of Wokeism, Which Promotes Sodomy/Homosexuality “LGBTQQIPF2SAA+” and Which Promotes Hating the Patriarchy and Hating Men, and is Seeking to Tear Down the Nuclear Family and the Man’s Leadership Role in the Family, in the Church, and in Society, That Promotes the Rise of Ultra-Feminism Not Only in Society But in the Church and in the Family, and Using Black People, the Civil Rights Movement, and Black Lives Matter as a Trojan Horse to Bring in and Include Sodomy/Homosexuality and Transgenderism These Are the Main Reasons Daniel Whyte III and Blackchristiannews.com (Bcnn1.com) Are Persecuted, Attacked With People Attempting to So-call Cancel Daniel Whyte III and Blackchristiannews.com. We Thank God For Dr. Tony Evans and The Urban Alternative in a Huge Way Along With Others Who Have Supported us on a Smaller Level. We Are Asking Just a Few Christian Pastors, Churches, and Organizations to Stand with Us, in the Same Way, Dr. Tony Evans Has Stood With Us and That is by Advertising With us on a Yearly Basis. By the Grace of God, we Are Winning This Battle, But the Devil is Mad, the Judases Are Betraying us, the Demases Are Forsaking Us, and “Alexander the Coppersmith” Has Done us Much Evil and Withstood Our Words, and Some Family Members do Not Want to Stand With us and Support us Because They Have Gone Astray and Agree With the World on the Issues Mentioned Above, and on Top of That, They Are Doing What Jesus Said: “A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.”

DANIEL WHYTE III DECLARES GOD’S VICTORY FOR HIS TRUE PROPHETS OVER THE FALSE PROPHETS ANDY STANLEY AND HIS DISCIPLES OF HOMOSEXUAL-AFFIRMING FALSE PROPHETS SUCH AS CONWAY EDWARDS AND OTHERS! DANIEL WHYTE III, PRESIDENT OF GOSPEL LIGHT SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL, SAYS ON THE NEXT TO LAST DAY OF THE GOSPEL LIGHT SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL 40-DAY DANIEL FAST AGAINST WOKEISM, God has given him joy and peace in his soul to announce VICTORY for God, Jesus Christ, and His godly prophets whom He spoke through over the past twelve years such as Dr. John MacArthur, Dr. Keith Darrell, Dr. Jeff Durban, Dr. Michael Brown, Dr. Ken Hamm, Dr. Richard Land, Dr. J. D. Greear, Dr. Tony Evans, yours truly Daniel Whyte III, and other prophets and pastors, and all of God’s 7,000, REMNANT, FAITHFUL FEW who never bowed the knee to the WOKE, SODOMITE/HOMOSEXUAL, “LGBTQQIPF2SAA+” TOWER OF BAAL and who prayed for this victory, including the meek and faithful Dr. Tony Evans, who Whyte thought would drop his support of Blackchristiannews.com (BCNN1.COM) each year for over the past twelve years or more because Whyte knows he made Dr. Evans cringe because of some of the things Whyte said. But Dr. Evans never contacted Whyte about anything Whyte said on BCNN1.COM or through his nearly every day preaching for the past seven years, which was done live through BCNN1.COM or on demand as well as through other outlets, and Whyte thanks God for that, even though he is sure Dr. Evans did not like everything he said or wrote. Dr. Tony Evans risked his good name of being a man of love, peace, and unity by sticking with an old country prophet.

BREAKING NEWS: MAN WHO SAID, “I’M GOING TO KILL THE KING!” Threw Shotgun Cartridges Into Buckingham Palace Grounds Before Controlled Explosion Rocks Royal Residence Four Days Before Coronation of King Charles III. Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Prophesied Multiple Times That This Was Going to be a ROUGH REIGN For King Charles III Because of His Adultery and Living in Adultery With Another Man’s Wife — Camilla Parker Bowles. However, he Did Not Think the ROUGHNESS Would Start Before the Coronation. Whyte Says This is a Sign of Things to Come. God Does Not Like Ugly, Even in the Kingdom of Great Britain.

New York Knicks Fans Shame Former NBA Star Dwyane Wade and His Wife Gabrielle Union With People Shouting, “YOU MUTILATED YOUR SON,” at Wade in reference to His Son “Zaya” For Allowing Their Son to Dress Up as a Girl and Act Like a Girl as a Minor After They Sold Their House and Moved From Florida, the State They Love, For Their Child’s Sake Because According to Dwyane Wade, His Family Was Not Accepted in Florida. Apparently, They Are Not Accepted in New York Either. The Tide is Turning on This Demonic Sodom and Gomorrah “LGBTQQIPF2SAA+” Foolishness Going on in This Country. Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union Were Respected Across This Country Until They Did This Evil to Their Son. And They Cannot Cry Racism Because People of America Are Doing the Same Thing to the White “Dylan Mulvaney” by Boycotting Budweiser, Causing it to Lose Billions of Dollars For Making Him a “Spokesman” For Bud Light. When People Publicly Rebuke You About Something Like That, That’s Not Connected to a Basketball Game. It is Far Deeper Than That.

Countries Around the World Wish Israel a Happy Modern 75th Birthday, But Israel Is Over 3000 Years Old and is the Most Important Nation in the World Because They Are God’s Chosen People, Like it or Not. Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Said in an Earlier Article Today That God’s Chosen People — the Jews — Always Rise to the Top and to the Forefront to Become World Leaders and World Changers in Every Field. No Matter How Much You Hate Them or Try to Destroy Them, Like Cream, They Always Rise to the Top, and That Blessing of God on Them Cannot be Stopped, and Every Word God Said About Them in the Bible is Coming to Pass and Will Come to Pass. Today, we are Celebrating the Power of God on the Jewish People as we Celebrate Their 75th Modern Birthday, a People Who Lost Over 6 Million Souls in the Holocaust and Then, Within a Few Years, Miraculously Gathered Back Into Their Biblical Historical Ancestral Homeland of Israel and With God’s Help Defended Themselves Against Multiple Enemies That Surrounded Them and Were Determined to Push Them Into the Sea, Now is the Leading Nation of the World and the Nation That the World Follows in Important and Significant Areas as the World Did Recently When the Coronavirus Plague Hit the World.

BREAKING NEWS! Celebrating The Life And Ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley With Another Article BCNN1.COM Posted Years Ago As He Is Gone To Heaven To Be With The Lord Today. Dr. Charles Stanley, A Man Whom BCNN1 Has Honored And Who Was Targeted By The Devil Years Ago With A Withering Attack — His Wife Divorcing Him For no Reason, and His Absalom Son Andy Stanley Turning Judas On Him Forsaking Him — Has Hung On By Prayer And Faith In God And Is Doing Quite Well At The Age Of 90, And Even Though He Has Turned Over The Church To His Hand-picked Successor, He Is Still Preaching Regularly And Working 30 Hours a Week For The Lord. If The Lord Tarries His Coming, Dr. Stanley Could Easily Live Past 100. We Praise God For This Godly Pastor Whom God Has Used To Reach Millions Around The World. Dr. Stanley, Before You Leave Us, Please Do The Church A Solid And Publicly Rebuke Your Son, The Heretic Andy Stanley, Whom The Devil Is Using To Try To Tear Down Everything You Have Preached And Everything You Believe In. Do Not Let This False Prophet/Pastor, Even Though He Is Your Son, be A Part Of The Out-of-This-World Legacy God Has Given You.

Here Is What Daniel Whyte III Wrote In Honor Of God And Dr. Charles Stanley On June 6th, 2018, Nearly Five Years Ago, In View Of His Homegoing: Usually, When A Great Basketball Star Is Getting Ready To Leave The Game, Even Other Teams Will Give Him A Standing Ovation And A Gift. May We Encourage All Pastors And Bible-believing Christians Nationwide To Invite Charles Stanley To Their Church To Preach The Word Of God And Support InTouch Ministries Financially. He Did Not Ask Us To Do This And Probably Would Not Accept Many Invitations. But Let’s Show Double Honor And Appreciation For This Great Man Of God.

BREAKING NEWS! DR. CHARLES STANLEY HAS DIED. Daniel Whyte III, President Of Gospel Light Society International, Says Dr. Charles Stanley Was The Prince Of Preachers Of Our Time. Whyte Says Charles Stanley’s Preaching Had An Explosive Energetic Pop Because Stanley Firmly Believed In The Power Of Prayer And The Authority Of The Word Of God. Brother Charles Stanley Is Now Home With The Lord, Who Loved Him So Much And Whom He Loved So Much. “. . . WE MUST THROUGH MUCH TRIBULATION ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD.” Blackchristiannews.com Was The First Christian News Publication That Honored The Life Of Dr. Charles Stanley For Being America’s Pastor And Teacher, And For Showing the World How To Build An Integrated Church Effortlessly Through The Simple Preaching of The Gospel, The Whole Counsel Of God, And Genuine Love. Please Read All The Articles Below Honoring This Great Servant Of The Lord.

PODCAST — LISTEN: RESURRECTION SUNDAY — SERMON OF HOLY WEEK APRIL 2023 TITLED “THE DEATH, BURIAL, AND RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST TOUCHES ALL POINTS OF HUMAN HISTORY AND THE FUTURE” WITH DANIEL WHYTE III, PRESIDENT OF GOSPEL LIGHT SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL. Whyte prefaces this sermon with a word regarding 9-year-old Christian Martyr Hallie Scruggs and her father Chad Scruggs from the Nashville tragedy and tells pastors and churches something he never thought he would ever have to tell them, and that is, Pray and Trust in the Lord for safety, but just like “Annie had to get her gun,” Whyte calls on pastors and churches and Christian schools to get their gun and not just a pistol. You need to match the firepower that the demon-possessed woman Audrey Hale masquerading as a man, had when she killed the first martyr in this war — 9-year-old Hallie Scruggs, the daughter of Pastor Chad Scruggs of the Covenant Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Churches and Christian schools will need armed security guards with uniforms. Then churches and Christian schools will need armed security guards without uniforms placed strategically throughout the church and the school. Also, the churches’ firepower must match what these demon-possessed zombies bring into your church and school. You will need somebody who knows how to handle an Uzi or AK-47 and has on a bullet-proof vest. Whyte is saying this not so much for the adults who have lived their lives. He’s more concerned about the 9-year-old Hallie Scruggs’ of the world, for God has delegated their protection to the parents and the people in authority at the Church and Christian school to ensure these children are safe. So, pastors and churches and Christian schools, “get your guns” because these demon-possessed transvestites go for the jugular vein. They are not that interested in killing you; they want to kill your youngest child; they want to kill the child who will rip your heart out of your chest in hopes that it will stop you from preaching against their sins and abominations.