Why Are the Queen and Prince Charles so Terrified of Harry and Meghan as Harry and Meghan Strangely “DECLINE” Prince Charles “Open Invitation” to Stay With Him at Balmoral During Their Trip to the United Kingdom After he “Reiterated” That the Couple Are “Always Welcome” Despite His “PAIN” at Their Jibes Towards the Royal Family? –Some Are Saying That Harry and Meghan Are Contributing to the Deterioration of Queen Elizabeth’s Health Because They Are Waiting For the NEXT FOOT TO DROP. — Daniel Whyte III President of Gospel Light Society International Says, On the 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF PRINCESS DIANA’S DEATH, the Truth of the Matter is Harry and Meghan Are Acting More Spoiled and More Immature Than Diana Was Acting Before She Died, For Diana, Too, Was Doing Everything She Could to Embarass the Queen and the Royal Family After She and Prince Charles Separated. One of the Highest honors in the World is to be a Part of a Royal Family With All of its Perks, Privileges, and History, Plus You Can Basically Choose to do Any Good Work You Want to do. It is a Sign of Being Spoiled, Not Properly Raised For Such Privilege, and the Height of Immaturity For Diana, Harry, and Meghan to Not, in the Words of Queen Elizabeth II, Suck it up and “GET ON WITH IT” And Then go and do the Fun Things You Like to do and Keep Your Mouth Shut. All Three of Them Have Shown a Spirit of Judas and Betrayal to Queen Elizabeth II, Who Gave Them All of the Prestige, Privileges, and Opportunities That They Have, by Doing Her DUTY and Having a Long Magnificent Reign of Sucking it up and “GETTING ON WITH IT.” They Should go and do Likewise. And They Need to Remember She Can Embarass Them, Too, if She Wants to Like She Did so Wonderfully During the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Openly Lesbian and So-Called Married-to-a-Woman Brittney Griner Has Been Found Guilty in a Russian Court and Has Been Sentenced to Nearly Ten Years in Prison — Daniel Whyte III Says, Yes, This is a Harsh Sentence for This Case, and, Yes, Whether You Like it or Not, Brittney Griner is Caught in the Middle of an International MORAL WAR Between Russia and the West, Which Includes America Over the Issue of the Abomination of Homosexuality and So-Called Homosexual Marriage. Russia is More for Traditional Family Values as far as That Goes, and Russia Sees America and the West as Trying to Tear Down Those Traditional Family Values. So whether Putin Wants to Admit it, Whether the Russian Court Wants to Admit it, Whether Biden Wants to Say it, Whether the Media Wants to Talk About it, or Whether You Like it or Not, Brittney Griner is a Pawn in the Middle of a Larger Moral War Between Russia and the West, and Brittney Griner is in Jail in Russia More for PRACTICING THE ABOMINATION OF HOMOSEXUALITY — FOR BEING A LESBIAN AND SO-CALLED MARRIED-TO-A-WOMAN MORE THAN DRUG POSSESSION. Anyway, With all of That Said, I Must Commend Brittney Griner for Showing Tremendous Emotional Self-Control Under These Awful Circumstances. Brittney Griner Seems to be Emotionally Stronger Than Most People. We Encourage Born-Again Christians Everywhere to Pray for Brittney Griner’s Salvation and to Pray for Brittney Griner’s Deliverance From the Abomination of the Lesbian Lifestyle, and to Pray for Brittney Griner’s Safety. We Also Urge the Internationally Known Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to Dispatch One of Their Evangelists or Chaplains to Visit Brittney Griner in Jail for the Purpose of Leading Brittney Griner to Jesus Christ for Salvation and Deliverance From the Prison of Sin and From the Future Prison of the BURNING HELL Where Jesus Christ Said: “THE FIRE IS NOT QUENCHED.”