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Pastor John Gray Encourages Families to Take Communion at Home Together to Thwart Demonic Attacks

Who said communion— an intimate, sacred, and symbolic meal, signifying our oneness with Jesus Christ— could only be taken on Sunday morning at church? In a new Instagram post, Pastor John Gray, star of OWN’s “The Book of John Gray,” told his... Continue Reading →


Has Attachment Theory Made Us Anxious Parents? By Liuan Huska

Guilty feelings are common among mothers of my generation. We’ve come to the parenting task at a time when so-called “attachment theory” is common parlance. It’s being applied everywhere from inner-city preschools to executive coaching programs, according to The New York Times.... Continue Reading →

Jemar Tisby: Black Children Should Learn About Racism from Someone Who Unconditionally Loves Them

If my black child has to learn that society will hate him, he should hear about it from someone who unconditionally loves him. by Jemar Tisby When I saw the sign for the Emmett Till Museum, I knew I had... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day is Almost Here! Read Some of the Letters Daniel Whyte III’s Children Wrote to him

Father’s Day is a very special day for fathers and their children. Unfortunately, it only comes around once a year. On this day, fathers are recognized and honored by those who love them the most—their children. However, in my opinion,... Continue Reading →

When Your Spouse is Incarcerated: Maintaining Marriage, Raising Kids, and Handling Awkward Conversations at Church

When Gina Cho came to the US from South Korea at four years old, she had her own challenges. She struggled to fit in at school, and often felt lonely and left out. Those challenges led her to chase after... Continue Reading →

WATCH: This Child, Who is Kicking, Slapping, and Swearing at her Mother, Needs a Simple Old-Fashioned Butt-Whipping

A single mother desperate to get her violent six-year-old daughter under control was finally able to take charge thanks to the help of an expert child psychologist. Lisa, 29, who lives with her parents in Oldbury, Birmingham, had struggled with... Continue Reading →

John Piper Defends Francis Chan After He Is Criticized for Saying Some Christians Are Delaying Marriage Because They’re Already Having Sex

Reformed theologian John Piper is backing best-selling Christian author Francis Chan after a woman, who is single, expressed her frustration with Chan's argument that many Christian singles are delaying marriage because they are already having sex. "First, I know Francis... Continue Reading →

David and Tamela Mann Reveal the Secrets and Truth Behind Their 30-Year Marriage in Forthcoming Memoir, “Us Against the World: Our Secrets to Love, Marriage, and Family”

NAACP Image Award-Winning Actor and Comedian David Mann and his wife, Grammy® Award-Winning Recording Artist Tamela Mann, celebrated #BlackLove on Valentine’s Day with the announcement of their forthcoming new memoir, Us Against the World: Our Secrets to Love, Marriage, and Family (W Publishing), available September... Continue Reading →

Remembering Billy and Ruth Graham’s Remarkable Love Story

From their first date to Billy Graham’s hope of being reunited with Ruth in heaven, listen to the story of their beautiful life together, as told by close friend David Bruce. SOURCE: BGEA GPS Podcast

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