Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Founder and President of Blackchristiannews.com (BCNN1.com), and Author of Bestselling Books Letters to Young Black Men, Letters to Young Black Women, and When Black Preachers Preach Volumes 1, 2, and 3, and who is already under severe attack from Black Lives Matter supporters, Homosexual supporters, and those who believe in women being over men in the church and in the family, and, yes, some of these enemies are in his own family, lovingly asks Bro. Keith Moore, Beth Moore’s husband, and Dr. Russell Moore a dear friend of Beth Moore to prayerfully consider asking Beth Moore, who he believes is a truly saved woman, to withdraw from this unnecessary  and incendiary conference because it is not going to help her ministry, it is not going to help the black church nor the black community, and neither is it going to help the white church or the white community. He knows this sounds paternalistic; but Whyte says, so be it. Whyte believes it is just going to create more anger and confusion and add another piece of wood to the upcoming civil war fire.

This is What You Get For Messing With the Queen After She Gave You Everything: HARRY and MEGHAN Are Busted and Demoted to the Bottom of the Royal Family’s Website and Placed Alongside Disgraced Prince Andrew. Daniel Whyte III Says, Harry, Like so Many Other Hen-pecked, Controlled, and Dominated Men, You Lost Everything Following Your Wife Queen Jezebel, and in the Process You Broke Your Grandmother’s Heart to Death. But in Her Death, She Broke You. MEGXIT!

It Was American Idol Star RUBEN STUDDARD Who Said “I NEED AN ANGEL.” CAM NEWTON Says, ‘I am a man who needs an extra wife or two and some concubines like Abraham, David, and Solomon. And I can justify it from the Scriptures.’ Former Football Players DERWIN GRAY and BENJAMIN WATSON Quickly and Eloquently Rebuke the Heisman Trophy Winner and Preacher’s Son, by Saying, ‘No, you can’t have multiple wives and concubines.’ Daniel Whyte III has thought about asking three great scholars who he respects to answer the question: Is it okay for Christian men to have multiple wives and concubines?–DR. RUSSELL MOORE, DR. TONY EVANS, and DR. JOHN PIPER; he surmises their answers in the same order. He believes Dr. Russell Moore would say ‘NO! I don’t even have to think about it.’ Dr. Tony Evans would show more compassion and say, ‘I understand what you are saying, brother, but, NO, you can’t do that and be right with God.’ And Dr. John Piper would say, ‘Let’s see . . . Let me think about it.’

PARENTS, Your Sweet Neighborhood Elementary School, Middle School, and High School ARE INTENTIONALLY ATTEMPTING TO MAKE YOUR CHILDREN INTO HOMOSEXUALS WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT. Wendell Perez, the Father of an Elementary-aged Daughter, Says, “MY BLOOD BOILS” Each Time he Recalls School’s Secret Attempt to Transition His Daughter Into a Boy, and Who Tried to Commit Suicide Twice Because of This Satanic Confusion.

Why Are the Queen and Prince Charles so Terrified of Harry and Meghan as Harry and Meghan Strangely “DECLINE” Prince Charles “Open Invitation” to Stay With Him at Balmoral During Their Trip to the United Kingdom After he “Reiterated” That the Couple Are “Always Welcome” Despite His “PAIN” at Their Jibes Towards the Royal Family? –Some Are Saying That Harry and Meghan Are Contributing to the Deterioration of Queen Elizabeth’s Health Because They Are Waiting For the NEXT FOOT TO DROP. — Daniel Whyte III President of Gospel Light Society International Says, On the 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF PRINCESS DIANA’S DEATH, the Truth of the Matter is Harry and Meghan Are Acting More Spoiled and More Immature Than Diana Was Acting Before She Died, For Diana, Too, Was Doing Everything She Could to Embarass the Queen and the Royal Family After She and Prince Charles Separated. One of the Highest honors in the World is to be a Part of a Royal Family With All of its Perks, Privileges, and History, Plus You Can Basically Choose to do Any Good Work You Want to do. It is a Sign of Being Spoiled, Not Properly Raised For Such Privilege, and the Height of Immaturity For Diana, Harry, and Meghan to Not, in the Words of Queen Elizabeth II, Suck it up and “GET ON WITH IT” And Then go and do the Fun Things You Like to do and Keep Your Mouth Shut. All Three of Them Have Shown a Spirit of Judas and Betrayal to Queen Elizabeth II, Who Gave Them All of the Prestige, Privileges, and Opportunities That They Have, by Doing Her DUTY and Having a Long Magnificent Reign of Sucking it up and “GETTING ON WITH IT.” They Should go and do Likewise. And They Need to Remember She Can Embarass Them, Too, if She Wants to Like She Did so Wonderfully During the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Consider the Source Matt Chandler and Others: Preston Sprinkle, Who Claims to be a Christian, and Who Sits on the Board of the Satanically-driven, Homosexual-Church-Infiltration Organization Called REVOICE, and Who is the President of the Strangely, Unprecedently Named “Ministry” Organization Called THE CENTER FOR FAITH SEXUALITY AND GENDER — Out of All the Preachers Around the World Who Know MATT CHANDLER, he is the Only One Who Comes to the Attempted Rescue of Matt Chandler and Tries to Defend Him and the Woman Who he Was Foolishly Texting, and Also Interestingly Announcing to the World That “he Has no Problem” Having the CONSERVATIVE, BIBLE-BELIEVING, COMPLEMENTARIAN MATT CHANDLER Speak at His So-Called Exiles Conference Next Year. We Assume the Exiles That This Conference is Named For is What Revoice Refers to as Sexual Minorities, aka, Homosexuals, Which Includes Lesbians, Bi-Sexuals, Transgendered, and Queer People, Who Are Totally Lost, Unbiblical, and as Far Away From Being in the Will of God as SODOM and GOMORRAH. So For Those of You Who Think Preston Sprinkle is All That and a Bag of Chips, Consider the Source. Daniel Whyte III Says, Matt Chandler, no Wonder God is Chastising You and Rebuking You by Exposing You, For Behind the Scenes You Have Been Consorting With the Enemy–The Homosexual Infiltrators of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. By the Way, Matt Chandler, This Devilish Friend of Yours, Preston Sprinkle (Who For Some Reason Reminds me so Much of Carl Lentz), in His Defense of You, Criticized the Dear Woman, Who Was a “Nathan to You Her David And Said ‘Thou art the man,'” Who is Actually a Hero, and Also Accused Your Church Elders and Church That Their “Messaging Framed it in Some Very Negative Terms That Could be Misconstrued.” Matt Chandler, Let me Remind You, Son, People Like Preston Sprinkle, Who You Should Not Even be Associated With at All and the People They Are Trying to Smuggle Into the Church Have no Respect or Reverence For God, Jesus, the Bible, or Church Leadership Such as the Elders of Your Church Who You Even Have Shown Respect For. So Before You Fully Resign From the Church, Which You Should, You Need to Cut Ties With These Devilish People, and May God Have Mercy on Your Soul and Hopefully Use You in the Future. You Are Young Enough to Get Out of the Ministry For Awhile, and if God Chooses to He Can Bring You Back For a Glorious Comeback, But Not at This Church, For, Son, Once You Appear in the Newspapers of Great Britain Such as The Independent and the Daily Mail Your Situation Becomes a Worldwide Embarrassing Scandal For the Lord and the Church, Especially Your Local Church. Again, Do Not do as Carl Lentz, Brian Houston, and Tavner Smith and Try to Stay in Place Until You Bankrupt the Church Numbers-wise and Money-wise. You Do Not Have to Listen to me if You do Not Want to, But it is Recorded in Writing That I Told the Following Pastors to Resign Multiple Times, But They Did Not Listen Until They Did More Damage to the Church, Even BANKRUPTCY. But After a While They Had to Resign. To Just Name a Few: Carl Lentz, Brian Houston, and Tavner Smith. I Believe You Are Better Than That.

HERE WE GO and THE DEVIL IS A LIE: Presbyterian Pastor Tells Bible-believing Pastors and Bible-believing Christians “If you’re a Christian and you’re distressed about the acceleration of Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, Queer (the so-called LBGTQ+) into the mainstream and how it affects society, how it affects your kids, etc., and maybe you consider yourself kind of a culture warrior for biblical marriage, please realize that the very first responsibility that you have to have any right to speak into these things, is to have a biblical marriage.” — Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Says, I TOLD YOU SO. I Have Said Repeatedly Over the Past Few Years, One of the Reasons Homosexuals Have Been so Bold About Trying to Become Members of Local Church Congregations is Because They See the Divorced and Remarried Pastor and His Wife as Hypocrites, They See the Divorced and Remarried Deacons as Hypocrites, They see Half the Church Divorced and Remarried as Hypocrites, They See and Know About the Fornication That Goes on Among the Young People and College Students in Your Church Because They Went to School With Them, and They See the Parents of These Young People as Hypocrites Because They Allow Them to do That. They Also Have a Long List of Scandals of Pastors Having Side Pieces and Committing Adultery With Multiple Women in the Church and See the Pastors as Hypocrites and Stand Ready to Put the Scandals on Youtube to the horror of Pastors and Pastors’ Wives. In fact, Some Pastors Have Paid Lots of Money to Homosexuals to Keep Their Names and Their Wives’ Names Off of Youtube. They Also See the Fake, Phony, Evangelical, Christian Marriages of Many Pastors and Their Wives and Other Christians as Hypocritical and a farce, so They Say They Can’t Keep me Out of the Church With All This Hypocrisy Going on in the Church. And, so Their Demonic Plan to Infiltrate the Church Has Worked Because So-called INCLUSIVE Pastors do Not Love Them; They Fear Them. I Still Say With Dr. David Jeremiah, “I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SEE THE DAY.”

Dr. Charles Stanley, a Man Who BCNN1 Has Honored and Who Was Targeted by the Devil Years Ago With a Withering Attack–His Wife Divorcing Him For no Reason, and His Absalom Son Andy Stanley Turning Judas on Him Forsaking Him–Has Hung on by Prayer and Faith in God and is Doing Quite Well at the Age of 90, and Even Though he Has Turned Over the Church to His Hand-picked Successor, he is Still Preaching Regularly and Working 30 Hours a Week For the Lord; if the Lord Tarries His Coming Dr. Stanley Could Easily Live Past 100. We Praise God For This Godly Pastor Whom God Has Used to Reach Millions Around the World. Dr. Stanley, Before You Leave us, Please do the Church a Solid and Publicly Rebuke Your Son the Heretic Andy Stanley Who the Devil is Using to Try to Tear Down Everything You have Preached and Everything You Believe in. Do Not Let This False Prophet/Pastor, Even Though he is Your Son, be Apart of the Out-of-This-World Legacy God Has Given to You. 

“NO PASTOR, NO DEACON, and NO SO-CALLED CHURCH LEADER SHOULD HAVE THE PERSONAL CELL PHONE NUMBER OF ANY WOMAN OUTSIDE OF HIS WIFE AND HIS DAUGHTERS.” Daniel Whyte III, Who Has Called For Matt Chandler’s Immediate Resignation on Monday, August 29th, Not Only For This Scandal That he is in Right Now, Which Involves the Demonic, Dangerous Philosophy of This LOOSE ‘we be brothers and sisters’ Foolishness, Which he Mentioned in His Speech Where he Informed the Church That he Was Taking Leave For Inappropriately Texting Another Man’s Wife, Which Many Other Gregarious Pastors Practice Where they foolishly Think they can call another man’s wife by her First name without permission, be Very Familiar With Her in Other Ways, where they think they can hug another man’s wife, where they think they can somehow get the personal phone number of another man’s wife and Call Her Any Time and Worse, Text Her Any Time, or of a single woman in the church, which has created havoc not only in the Village Church, but in Churches across this nation, which is not based in Christian brother/sister love but the flesh and power; But Also For the Previous Scandals Which Are Mentioned in the Article Below.  Whyte Says, Matt Chandler is Far From Being the Only Pastor Texting Married Women and Even Single Women in the Church and Outside of the Church. Let’s be Very Clear: NO PASTOR, NO DEACON, and NO SO-CALLED CHURCH LEADER SHOULD HAVE THE PERSONAL CELL PHONE NUMBER OF ANY WOMAN OUTSIDE OF HIS WIFE AND HIS DAUGHTERS AND CERTAINLY SHOULD NEVER TEXT ANY MAN’S WIFE FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, OR ANY MAN’S DAUGHTER FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, OR ANY SINGLE WOMAN IN THE CHURCH OR OUTSIDE OF THE CHURCH, PERIOD. Here is a Test For You That You Can Take Right Now: Pastor, Deacon, or So-called Church Leader, Can You Give Your Digital-Savvy Wife and Teenagers Your Main Phone Without Changing Any of its Settings Right Now? If For Some Reason You Have Multiple Phones, Can You Declare Them All to Your Wife and Teenage Children or Young Adult Children and Hand Them Over to Them to go Anywhere They Want to on Your Phone at Any Time? If Your Wife and Children do Not have Free Access to Your Phone or Phones, That’s a Problem, Sir. And All of This Goes For So-called Female Pastors and Church Leaders. (See Daniel Whyte III’s Other Article on BCNN1.com in the Christian Section Which begins: Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Lovingly and Respectfully Tells a Pastor, Who he Prayed For When he Was Sick and Near Death And Who he Encouraged Others to Pray For, Matt Chandler, to RESIGN IMMEDIATELY. . .)