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Mellody Hobson on What Students Need to Know About ‘Student Loans’

Why are we talking about student loans right now?  An interesting analysis shows that shopping around is a good thing for student loan holders willing to do their homework. I did some research to get the full story for our... Continue Reading →


African Americans Are the Only U.S. Racial Group Earning Less Than They Did in 2000

African Americans were worse off financially in 2016 than they were in 2000. The median income for an African American household was $39,490 last year, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released last week. It was $41,363 in 2000. (Both... Continue Reading →

How to Freeze Your Credit After the Equifax Data Breach

Nearly half of Americans may have had their information stolen in the massive Equifax data breach revealed last week, and experts say freezing your credit is one line of defense. The credit-reporting company said hackers stole personal data — including Social Security... Continue Reading →

Wage Gap Between Whites and Blacks is Becoming Inexplicable

The gap in employment and earnings between black and white workers in the US is nothing new. Still, 53 years after the Civil Rights Act outlawed discrimination, research from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco shows that the gap in wages... Continue Reading →

Consumer Comfort is at a 16-Year High, Indicating Continued Economic Stability in U.S.

Consumer confidence, including views about the U.S. economy, advanced again last week to a 16-year high, indicating spending will remain solid, according to Bloomberg Consumer Comfort data released Aug. 24. Highlights of Consumer Comfort for the Week Ended Aug. 20... Continue Reading →

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld says Resignation of Trump’s Economic Adviser Gary Cohn ‘Would Crash Markets’

The markets would crash if top White House economic adviser Gary Cohn resigns, Yale School of Management's Jeffrey Sonnenfeld told CNBC on Thursday. "I don't want to be an alarmist, but there is a lot of faith that he is... Continue Reading →

Black-Jewish Banker, Rebecca Allen, Sues her Boss, Goldman Sachs, for Racial Discrimination

A black banker in Goldman Sachs Group Inc's personal wealth management unit filed a lawsuit on Wednesday accusing the firm of steering top clients to her white colleagues and denying her promotions because of her race. Rebecca Allen in the... Continue Reading →

GuideStone Congratulates O.S. Hawkins on 20 Years of Leadership as Christian Financial Organization Is Set to Mark Its 100th Anniversary In 2018; Hawkins Hails Election of More African-American Trustees

Trustees for GuideStone Financial Resources gathered July 31–Aug. 1 in regular session to hear reports from GuideStone executive officers and staff about the board's performance in key lines of business. GuideStone also honored O.S. Hawkins for 20 years as president... Continue Reading →

Research Shows 1 In 10 Pastors Report Church Thievery

A new study reveals that about one in 10 churches have had money stolen. In a survey of 1,000 Protestant senior pastors by Lifeway Research, nine percent said that their church has had funds embezzled. Ninety-one percent say they are unaware... Continue Reading →

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