Obviously, Millions Of Dollars With no Debt and Everything Paid Off Can’t Even Make You Happy. Now we Find Out Through a Bitter Federal Court Case Against Dave Ramsey’s Company, Ramsey Solutions, Some Sex Was Allowed Within the Company — Women Sucking Men’s Penises Was Okay. Dave Ramsey Admits They Drew the Line at Oral Sex, WHEN IN REALITY ORAL SEX IS SEX and For Many People an Even Deeper More Intimate Form of Sex, and if it is Done Outside of Marriage, it is Adultery. Sir Walter Scott Said, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” This is the Most Demonically, Convoluted Case Because of Lying, Dishonesty, Hiding, and Covering up Sin to “Line Their Pockets” With Money Involving a Christian Group in Recent History. Dave Ramsey Had Good Intentions, But When You Knowingly Lie and Cover up Your Friend’s Sins to Keep the Money Coming in by Your Own Admission, and Then You Try to Play God and You Choose the Sins That Your People Can do and Cannot do, You Cannot Practice Hypocrisy and Fire Other People Who Are Doing the Same Thing or Less. Dave Ramsey Needs to Apologize to This Woman, Pay Her Well; he Needs to Apologize to the Thousands of Pastors and Churches That Had Promoted Him and Had Him and His People in Their Churches For the Sins That he and His Company Have Committed and For Embarassing Them With This Lying, Hypocritical Foolishness; he Needs to Shut This Case Down Immediately, by Any Means Necessary and Hire a Chaplain to be Available to Help People With all of Their Problems Including Marital Problems and Sexual Issues and Let an Ordained Minister Handle Those Things; and From Now on, Stop Treating His Bonefide Business as a Church, and Either Become a Pastor or Run a Bonefide Multimillion Dollar Business. –BCNN1