2nd SEGMENT OF THE READING OF THE CHRONOLOGICAL BIBLE — DAYS DECEMBER 4th, 5th, 6th. Join Daniel Whyte III and his family — Meriqua, Daniella (Danni), Daniel IV, Danita, Danae, Daniqua Grace, Danyel Ezekiel, and Danyelle Elizabeth, along with the Gospel Light Society Ministries International family worldwide in reading the Chronological Bible each day starting December 1st, 2022 until Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 23rd, 2023, if the Lord should tarry His coming and we live.

Loving Mother Who Thought She Was Doing Something Good When She Sent Her Daughter to the Elite Mount Holyoke College, But Her Daughter Annabella Rockwell Was Indoctrinated Into WOKEISM; The Mother Melina Rockwell Hired a WOKEISM DEPROGRAMMER For $300 a day to Help Her Daughter Unlearn Crazy WOKE Views After She Was BRAINWASHED While at the $60,000-a-year College, Which Drove her to be a Miserable Heavy Drinker and Estranged From Her Mother and Father

THERE IS A DEVIL LOOSE: Some people, and amazingly including her husband Artemio Juarez, are rallying to the side of and raising money for the church-going woman Celina Juarez, who suffocated and murdered her 8-month-old little cherubic baby on her breast while feeding the baby, and who was getting ready to kill her other baby, saying, “She needs help, not jail.” Family and friends say she is a devoted parent who became overwhelmed when infant twins would not latch on to her breast. Daniel Whyte III, president of Gospel Light Society International, says, he will say this as kindly as he can knowing full well that this breaks the pro-women, feminist, evangelical, charismatic, Baptist, and WOKE rules: Even though this is a beautiful woman, she is a cold-blooded murderer of her own innocent, beautiful, cherubic infant, and could be easily charged with attempted murder of her other innocent, beautiful, cherubic infant that God blessed her with.

THERE IS A DEVIL LOOSE: Some people, and amazingly including her husband Artemio Juarez, are rallying to the side of and raising money for the church-going woman Celina Juarez, who suffocated and murdered her 8-month-old little cherubic baby on her breast while feeding the baby, and who was getting ready to kill her other baby, saying, “She needs help, not jail.” Family and friends say she is a devoted parent who became overwhelmed when infant twins would not latch on to her breast. Daniel Whyte III, president of Gospel Light Society International, says, he will say this as kindly as he can knowing full well that this breaks the pro-women, feminist, evangelical, charismatic, Baptist, and WOKE rules: Even though this is a beautiful woman, she is a cold-blooded murderer of her own innocent, beautiful, cherubic infant, and could be easily charged with attempted murder of her other innocent, beautiful, cherubic infant that God blessed her with.

GOSPEL MUSIC ASSOCIATION (GMA) ENCOURAGES THE PINK-HEARTED PAINTED NAILS WORSHIP LEADER CORY ASBURY TO PAINT HIS NAILS FOR THE DOVE AWARDS — Rev. Kirk Franklin Rebuked and Led a Boycott of the Dove Awards For Racism and Taking Liberty to Cut His Speeches When he Dealt With Police Brutality in the Black Community. Well, if the Lord Would so Lead Him, Here is Another Reason Kirk Franklin, Who Has Huge Influence in the Gospel Music World, Should Rebuke and Boycott the Gospel Music Association (GMA) and the Dove Awards: Gospel Music Association Encourages Well-known Worship Leader CORY ASBURY to PAINT HIS NAILS For the Dove Awards. Why? Daniel Whyte III Says Because This Will do Nothing But Add More Grease to the Already Slippery Slope That the Gospel Industry is on Towards Accepting Full Blown Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage, Which is an Abomination in God’s Sight and Will Ensure ICHABOD BEING WRITTEN ACROSS THE WHOLE ALREADY CORRUPT GOSPEL MUSIC INDUSTRY. The Gospel Music Industry, Which Should be MINISTRY, Can Act as Though it is Independent of the Church All it Wants, But it is Apart of the Church and Should be Under Church Authority and Church Discipline. Again, WHERE ARE THE PASTORS? May God Help Us!

DON’T FOOL YOURSELF! GOD IS THE ONE REBUKING AND CHASTISING THE CHURCH, AND DESTROYING AND DISMANTLING THE GREATEST NATION IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD (AMERICA), OUTSIDE OF ISRAEL, BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES: Heat Out West is Breaking Records in September; Fires Are Out of Control Across the Nation; Floods of Biblical Proportions Across the Nation; No Water For the Capital City of Mississippi; Now a Boil Water Order in a Major Northern City–BALTIMORE; Violence Like America Has Never Seen; Multiple Plagues Criss-crossing the Nation — Daniel Whyte III Says, After Over Twelve Years of Warning You That God is Mercifully, Lovingly, and Slowrollingly Dismantling America Piece-by-Piece Due to the Gross FALLING-AWAY SINS of the Church Such as Adultery, Divorce and Remarriage, Side Pieces, Child Rape and Molestation, Pornography, and the Embracing of Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage in the Church — Borrowing a Phrase From the Verizon Commercial “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!” Do You Believe the Warning That He Has Been Giving You Now? For if You Believe All That Has Been Happening to This Country Over the Past Twelve Years is a Coincidence, You Are Deluded. If You Think This is Climate Change, Understand God Created the Climate and He is the Only One Who Can Change the Climate. This, my Friends, is the HAND OF GOD, and Whyte Says With The Prophet Daniel of Old: “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN: God has numbered thy kingdom, and finished it; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.” If You Are Not a Christian, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and Thou, You, Shall be Saved. If You Are a Christian, Humble Yourself, Pray, Seek God’s Face, Turn From Your Wicked Ways, Repent, and Get Back to Your First Love, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why Are the Queen and Prince Charles so Terrified of Harry and Meghan as Harry and Meghan Strangely “DECLINE” Prince Charles “Open Invitation” to Stay With Him at Balmoral During Their Trip to the United Kingdom After he “Reiterated” That the Couple Are “Always Welcome” Despite His “PAIN” at Their Jibes Towards the Royal Family? –Some Are Saying That Harry and Meghan Are Contributing to the Deterioration of Queen Elizabeth’s Health Because They Are Waiting For the NEXT FOOT TO DROP. — Daniel Whyte III President of Gospel Light Society International Says, On the 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF PRINCESS DIANA’S DEATH, the Truth of the Matter is Harry and Meghan Are Acting More Spoiled and More Immature Than Diana Was Acting Before She Died, For Diana, Too, Was Doing Everything She Could to Embarass the Queen and the Royal Family After She and Prince Charles Separated. One of the Highest honors in the World is to be a Part of a Royal Family With All of its Perks, Privileges, and History, Plus You Can Basically Choose to do Any Good Work You Want to do. It is a Sign of Being Spoiled, Not Properly Raised For Such Privilege, and the Height of Immaturity For Diana, Harry, and Meghan to Not, in the Words of Queen Elizabeth II, Suck it up and “GET ON WITH IT” And Then go and do the Fun Things You Like to do and Keep Your Mouth Shut. All Three of Them Have Shown a Spirit of Judas and Betrayal to Queen Elizabeth II, Who Gave Them All of the Prestige, Privileges, and Opportunities That They Have, by Doing Her DUTY and Having a Long Magnificent Reign of Sucking it up and “GETTING ON WITH IT.” They Should go and do Likewise. And They Need to Remember She Can Embarass Them, Too, if She Wants to Like She Did so Wonderfully During the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Consider the Source Matt Chandler and Others: Preston Sprinkle, Who Claims to be a Christian, and Who Sits on the Board of the Satanically-driven, Homosexual-Church-Infiltration Organization Called REVOICE, and Who is the President of the Strangely, Unprecedently Named “Ministry” Organization Called THE CENTER FOR FAITH SEXUALITY AND GENDER — Out of All the Preachers Around the World Who Know MATT CHANDLER, he is the Only One Who Comes to the Attempted Rescue of Matt Chandler and Tries to Defend Him and the Woman Who he Was Foolishly Texting, and Also Interestingly Announcing to the World That “he Has no Problem” Having the CONSERVATIVE, BIBLE-BELIEVING, COMPLEMENTARIAN MATT CHANDLER Speak at His So-Called Exiles Conference Next Year. We Assume the Exiles That This Conference is Named For is What Revoice Refers to as Sexual Minorities, aka, Homosexuals, Which Includes Lesbians, Bi-Sexuals, Transgendered, and Queer People, Who Are Totally Lost, Unbiblical, and as Far Away From Being in the Will of God as SODOM and GOMORRAH. So For Those of You Who Think Preston Sprinkle is All That and a Bag of Chips, Consider the Source. Daniel Whyte III Says, Matt Chandler, no Wonder God is Chastising You and Rebuking You by Exposing You, For Behind the Scenes You Have Been Consorting With the Enemy–The Homosexual Infiltrators of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. By the Way, Matt Chandler, This Devilish Friend of Yours, Preston Sprinkle (Who For Some Reason Reminds me so Much of Carl Lentz), in His Defense of You, Criticized the Dear Woman, Who Was a “Nathan to You Her David And Said ‘Thou art the man,'” Who is Actually a Hero, and Also Accused Your Church Elders and Church That Their “Messaging Framed it in Some Very Negative Terms That Could be Misconstrued.” Matt Chandler, Let me Remind You, Son, People Like Preston Sprinkle, Who You Should Not Even be Associated With at All and the People They Are Trying to Smuggle Into the Church Have no Respect or Reverence For God, Jesus, the Bible, or Church Leadership Such as the Elders of Your Church Who You Even Have Shown Respect For. So Before You Fully Resign From the Church, Which You Should, You Need to Cut Ties With These Devilish People, and May God Have Mercy on Your Soul and Hopefully Use You in the Future. You Are Young Enough to Get Out of the Ministry For Awhile, and if God Chooses to He Can Bring You Back For a Glorious Comeback, But Not at This Church, For, Son, Once You Appear in the Newspapers of Great Britain Such as The Independent and the Daily Mail Your Situation Becomes a Worldwide Embarrassing Scandal For the Lord and the Church, Especially Your Local Church. Again, Do Not do as Carl Lentz, Brian Houston, and Tavner Smith and Try to Stay in Place Until You Bankrupt the Church Numbers-wise and Money-wise. You Do Not Have to Listen to me if You do Not Want to, But it is Recorded in Writing That I Told the Following Pastors to Resign Multiple Times, But They Did Not Listen Until They Did More Damage to the Church, Even BANKRUPTCY. But After a While They Had to Resign. To Just Name a Few: Carl Lentz, Brian Houston, and Tavner Smith. I Believe You Are Better Than That.

For Some Strange Reason the Entire Royal Family is Kept in the Dark Over Prince Harry’s Tell-All Memoir to the Point That They Will Only Have Access to the Book When Everybody Else Will — Is it Because he is Going to Reveal That the Death of His Mother Was Not an Accident and That it Was a Staged Car Wreck Like His Mother Feared How She Would Die, Not Because She Was Dating a Black Man, But Because She Was Dating a Muslim and Flaunting it, and The Royal Family Could Not Have This Unprecedented Embarassing Behaviour to Continue For Multiple Reasons With One of Them Being the Monarch Rules Over the Church of England, and That the Leaders of the Firm Approved and or Were at Least Aware of a Plot to Kill Her? Or That Prince Harry Has Been Willing to Throw Away His Royal Perks Because Technically he Has Never Been a Prince, in the First Place? In Other Words, he is Not the Biological Son of Prince Charles, and the Firm Knows it Through Paternity Tests But Went on With the Charade Anyway, to Keep Face. Or Will This Particular Book be a Tease to These Possibilities For a Future Book That Will Come Out After the Queen of England Goes to Meet Her Maker? Only God Knows.

HERE WE GO AND THE DEVIL IS A LIE: The Revoice “Christian” Homosexual Conference 2022 is Coming to the Heart of the Bible Belt in PLANO, TEXAS, With a Roman Catholic Lesbian Who Praised X-Rated, Homosexual BDSM Film as One of the Key Speakers. (BDSM, According to Cambridge Dictionary, means bondage; domination or discipline; sadism or submission; masochism, which includes sexual activity that involves, for example, tieing a partner up; acts in which one partner dominates or controls another; or giving pain for pleasure — In the Homosexual Community, This Also Includes, One Man Drinking Urine Out of Another Man’s Penis; One Man Eating Another Man’s Feces; One Man Walking Another Man Like he is a Dog And Keeping Him Chained up Like a Dog; And Some Include Homosexual Gang Rape and the Raping of Their Adopted Children as Well as Mutilation. And There is no Outcry From the Hundreds of Pastors and Churches in the PLANO, TEXAS, Region Against This Demonic, Abominable Revoice Conference, Which is the Organization That is the Go-Between Between the Homosexual Communities and Mainline Churches and Evangelical Churches, and Their Goal is to Make Your Pastor and Your Church “INCLUSIVE.” Read Their Mission Statement and Their Vision Statement and Try to Keep Yourself From Laughing or Crying: Revoice Mission Statement To support and encourage gay, lesbian, bisexual, and other same-sex attracted Christians—as well as those who love them—so that all in the Church might be empowered to live in gospel unity while observing the historic Christian doctrine of marriage and sexuality. Revoice Vision Statement Revoice exists because we want to see gay/SSA people who adhere to historic, Christian teaching about marriage and sexuality experience peace and belonging in their local faith communities. We envision a unified, faithful, and peaceful Church where these individuals are able to grow in holiness and in their knowledge of the scriptures, knowing that they are of infinite worth and value to their Creator; where transparency about one’s orientation and ongoing experience creates enhanced possibilities for local churches to utilize and celebrate the unique opportunities that these individuals have to serve the Kingdom of God; and where these individuals are welcomed into the lives of spiritual families so that all can grow together in their knowledge of God and his Kingdom.

It is Reported That Charismatic “Prophetess” Patricia King Who is Known For “getting high on the most High” Actually Smokes Marijuana, or “Smokes Literal Pages From the Bible,” or Just Straight-up Does Shrooms, and Then Film Themselves Getting “drunk in the Spirit” as They Attempt to Have Bible Studies and “Hear from God” Through Their Consumption of the Old “Electric Lettuce” (The “Old Electric Lettuce” is a selection of smoking accessories, cannabis edibles and topicals, concentrates and extracts, and grass, dope, reefer, or whatever they’re calling cannabis these days.) Thankfully, Dr. Michael Brown Who Knows This Woman Has Rebuked This Kind of Sinful Foolishness in the Past, and we Humbly Pray That if This Report is True About This Woman That he Would Further Encourage Her to Get Out of the Ministry and Sit Down Somewhere. — Daniel Whyte III Says What he Said About Paula White (No relation) . . . (By the way, allow me to tell a quick, true but funny story: I had the priviledge and honor of being invited to Billy Graham’s home-going. When the driver dropped me off where some of the guests were meeting at, the lady at the desk asked for my name so that she could give me my prepared name tag. I told her my name was Daniel Whyte; she smiled and said real loud so that others heard, ‘Oh, you’re Paula White’s husband.’ I said, ‘No, ma’am’ just as loud, ‘We’re not related at all.’) . . . and to His Own Family Members Including His Mother Shirley White, His Sister Sheila White-Martin, and His Other Sister TemoLynn White-Wintons Who Claim to be Apostles, Bishops, Pastors, and Prophetesses OVER MEN is Apropos For This “Revelation-book Jezebel” Patricia King as Well. The  Point That I am Making Here, People, is Just like we Have in the Church Whoremongering Men in the Ministry, Homosexual Men in the Ministry, “Inclusive” Male Pastors in the Ministry, Divorced and Remarried Male Pastors in the Ministry, Male Pastors With Side-pieces in the Ministry, Who Have Hurt the Ministry Down Through the Years, we Also Have Women Who Have the Demonic Spirit of Jezebel Who Jesus Christ Refers to in the Book of Revelation Who Have Done Great Damage to the Church as well, and Until we Deal With This Fully, Not Only the False Prophet Men but the False Prophetess Women as well, we Will Continue to See the Church of Today be the Worse Laodicean Church of all Time. You Cannot Preach the Bible That You Have Cast Behind Your Back. God Does Not Allow us the Luxury of Obeying Certain Parts of the Bible But Not the Rest. The Word of God Says, “Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence” (I Timothy 2:11-12). The Word of God Also Says, “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law” (I Corinthians 14:34). There is a Divine Reason For These Verses in the Word of God, and I Think we all Know Why Now. The Spirit of EVE, WHO WAS DECEIVED by the Devil, is in Many Church Women Today Along With Many Weak ADAMS, Who Are Not Where They Should be, That Has Caused the Church to go Off the Rails Into a Hellacious Ditch. “ADAM, WHERE ART THOU?”

HERE WE GO AND THE DEVIL IS A LIE: The So-Called Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Triennial Churchwide Assembly, the Donomination’s First Major Gathering Since 2019 Due to the Coronavirus Plague, Brought Together Nearly a Thousand Pastors From All Across the Nation, and Several So-Called Bishops and Pastors Celebrated Their Second-to-Last Day of the Event by Committing Abominations at a HOMOSEXUAL BAR With a DRAG QUEEN. Some of the Pastors Were Wearing Their Priest Collars and Crosses. One Pastor in a Purple-colored Priest Shirt at Least Had the Decency to Hide the Cross Inside His Pocket. — Daniel Whyte III Says the Church of Sodom and Gomorrah Has Produced the Largest Sodom and Gomorrah Community in the History of the World, so no Wonder we Are Under Threat of Being Completely Destroyed While God is Lovingly and Mercifully Giving People “Space to Repent.” Again, I Lovingly Tell Everyone Everywhere to Repent. If You Are in the Church, “Examine Yourself and See Whether or Not You be in the Faith”; If You Are in the Church and You Know That You Are Saved, Repent of Your Sins and Abominations; And if You Know That You Are Not Saved, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and Repent of Your Sins. Jesus Will Help You to Repent by the Power of the Holy Spirit. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou (you) shall be saved.” 

Sin is Nasty and Ugly and so Are its Consequences. A Man Humbly and Bravely Shows the Painful, Tragic Progression of the Monkeypox Plague. Someone Wisely Said a Long Time Ago, “Sin will take you further than you wanted to go, keep you longer than you wanted to stay, and make you pay more than you wanted to pay.” Sin is a bad boy. Again, I Humbly Call on People Everywhere to Repent–Not Only Homosexual Men in the World, But Homosexual Men and Women in the Church Including Down-low Homosexual Pastors (You don’t want monkeypox on your wife’s beautiful face or your daughter’s beautiful face or your son’s beautiful face.) But Not Only the Homosexuals Need to Repent, Millions of Heterosexuals–Adulterers and Adulteresses, Fornicators, Swingers, Side Pieces (Bo-Peeps and Sylvias), So-called Christian Nudists, So-called Christian Bi-sexuals, Male and Female Who Sleep In-between the Pastor and His Wife One Night and is Engaging in Full-blown Sodomy and Lesbianism the Next Night. The Holy Bible Says in Revelation 2:21, “And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not.” First Corinthians 11:31-32 Says, “For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world.” And Let me Give This Warning to all Single Women, Especially in the Church, (and I am Going to Try and Say This as Nicely as I Possibly Can), and I am Talking to You Single Women Who go Around Sucking Men’s Penises Including Pastors, Deacons, Trustees, Powerful Businessmen for Rent Money, Houses, Cars, Tuition, and Other Filthy Lucre Reasons to Never do That Again Because the Monkeypox is Going to Come Through Your Make-up and Your Plastic Surgery and as You Know, You Are Already Mentally Fragile About Your Appearance. If You Get This Devilish Plague, it Will Destroy Your Self-Esteem For the Next Twenty Years or More. God Does Not Like Ugly.

Daniel Whyte III President of Gospel Light Society International Lovingly and Respectfully Tells Her Majesty the Queen, the Beloved Queen Elizabeth, That After She Dies, Not Only Will She Lose Over Half of Her Kingdom (especially if she is going to go through with installing as king her son the wife-stealing, adulterer Prince Charles and his adulterous wife Camilla — this alone is enough to destroy the kingdom because as the Queen knows, being the head of the church, no adulterer or adulteress living in adultery should sit on the righteous throne), But She Will Also Lose Over Eighty Percent of the Anglican Church Worldwide, Which She Serves as the Head Because of the Issue of the Abomination of Homosexuality. Queen Elizabeth, Make no Mistake About it, You Are a Big Part of the Problem Regarding the Issue of the Abomination of Homosexuality in the Kingdom and in the Church Because You Did Not Stand With the Lord, the Bible, and the Church When in 2013 the British Parliament Approved Same-Sex Civil Marriages, and You as the Head of the Church of England Gave Your “ROYAL ASSENT” to the New Law, Throwing Your Church of England into a Hellacious Tail Spin of Division, Lies, Abominations, Evil, and Foolishness, Which is Going to End up Destroying the Authority of Canterbury and Split the Church of England Asunder. Queen Elizabeth, You Can Stop it if You Want to Before You Die by First Retracting Your “ROYAL ASSENT” to the Abomination of Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage of Any Kind, and by Getting Rid of the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Replacing Him With Archbishop Justin Badi Primate of South Sudan as the Head of the Church in Canterbury, or he Will be the Head of Over Eighty Percent of the Anglican Church That Will Follow Him Away From Canterbury. Here are Some Other Reasons Why the Anglican Church as we Know it Will be Destroyed: 

The Devil Whipped This Pastor and Defeated Him to the Point Where the Devil Won a Rare Trifecta Victory Over This Seemingly Good Young Pastor by the Name of Alan Taylor by Pushing Him to 1. Divorce His Wife With 8 Children, 2. Quit the Ministry and 3. Shut the Doors of the Church. — Daniel Whyte III Says That Sad to Say This Sort of Thing is Happening to Many Pastors Across the Nation and Around the World but Not to This Point. In Addition to the Trifecta Defeat This Pastor Indicated He is Suicidal. Dr. Larry Reid of Larry Reid Live Does a Powerful Personal Analysis of This Tragic and Painful Matter . . . Developing