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African Refugees Persevere Amid Peril & Harsh Conditions to Find Hope in American Church

For more than 7 million Africans forced to flee their warfare-stricken homelands, "home" has become a refugee camp where many wait year after year in hopes of a better life. Bamurange and Esther are two such women who survived the... Continue Reading →


What to Know About Cyril Ramaphosa, South Africa’s President-in-Waiting

Acting president Cyril Ramaphosa looks set to become South Africa’s new president Thursday afternoon in an electoral formality, after scandal-hit Jacob Zuma resigned on Wednesday, more than a year before Zuma’s term formally ends in 2019. The development comes after... Continue Reading →

Evangelical Christian Leader Sentenced to 7 Months in Jail Over Theological Disagreement With Ethiopian Orthodox Church

A judge in southern Ethiopia has sentenced an Evangelical Christian to seven months in prison for “causing outrage to religious peace and feeling” following accusations believed to come from members of the predominant Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC). The judge in... Continue Reading →

South African President Jacob Zuma Resigns

South African President Jacob Zuma resigned on Wednesday in a televised address to the nation, ending a turbulent tenure marred by corruption scandals that sapped the popularity of the ruling African National Congress and hurt one of Africa’s biggest economies.... Continue Reading →

Catholic Relief Groups Say 3 Million People Are Undergoing Humanitarian Emergency in Congo

As many as 3 million people are in urgent need of help in the Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, including many Christians whose family members have been murdered, Catholic relief groups have said. "This is a truly... Continue Reading →

Fulani Herdsmen Increasing Attacks on Christian Farmers in Nigeria After New Laws Restrict Their Grazing

At least 170 Christian farmers and Muslim Fulani herdsmen have died this year in Nigeria's Middle Belt in a centuries-old feud driven by Muslims seeking to graze their cattle on farmland, Christian advocacy groups have reported. Advocacy group Amnesty International... Continue Reading →

Day Zero: How Christian Leaders and Other Faith Groups Are Tackling Cape Town’s Water Crisis

The trickling sound echoed through Zonnebloem Estate’s chapel as the Anglican bishop of Table Bay, the Rt. Rev. Garth Q. Counsell, slowly poured one pitcher of water into another.  This sound of running water, once considered soothing, now triggers anxiety... Continue Reading →

Rihanna Defies Warning from Islamic Groups to Visit Senegal

Apparently believing in Internet conspiracy theories about the singer, a group of 30 hard-line Islamic organizations this week warned Rihanna to stay out of Senegal. But Rihanna arrived in Dakar, the capital of the mostly Muslim West African country on... Continue Reading →

African Governments Came Close to Demanding Formal Apology from Trump for Crude Remarks, But Decided Not To

African leaders were very close to officially demanding President Donald Trump publicly apologize for reportedly crude remarks about the continent and immigration, but backed off, reports say. The African Union drafted its response to the president at a summit this... Continue Reading →

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