Many Home Buyers Were Duped During the Height of the Coronavirus Plague With Easy Money and Easy Credit and the New Strange Ability “to Boost Their Own Credit” Instantly Because the Government Was Desperate to Keep the Economy Going. Now Buying a Home in America is the LEAST Affordable it’s Been in 33 Years as Average Mortgage Payments Rose to Right at $2,000 in June Compared to $1,297 in January Due to Higher Rates and Record Home Prices — Daniel Whyte III Warns People Again, if You Are Not Millionaire-rich or Billionaire-rich You Need to Give Bubba and Them Their Stuff Back and Downsize Drastically Into Something You Can Pay For in Full. Due to the Fact That Most Pastors Are so Compromised with the Government and the World and Most People in the Church Are Caught up in That Whether They Know it or Not Because the Blind is Leading the Blind and so, Therefore, Nobody is Repenting of Their Sins in the Church as They Should. Oh, There Are Many People Confessing For we Are Good Confessors, But we Are Not Good Repenters. In Addition to That, The Day of the Prosperity Gospel Big Fine House on Pork Chop Hill is Over For Most People. Move Into a Tiny House, Pay For it in Full, Put Furniture in it That is Already Paid For, Get Rid of Your $700 Car Note and Buy You a Used Car That is Paid for in Full. As I Told You During the Height of the Coronavirus Plague Things Are Not Going to Get Better; Things Are Going to Get Worse Because we Refuse to Repent, and You do Not Need to be Living With Things You Have to Make Payments on.