It Was American Idol Star RUBEN STUDDARD Who Said “I NEED AN ANGEL.” CAM NEWTON Says, ‘I am a man who needs an extra wife or two and some concubines like Abraham, David, and Solomon. And I can justify it from the Scriptures.’ Former Football Players DERWIN GRAY and BENJAMIN WATSON Quickly and Eloquently Rebuke the Heisman Trophy Winner and Preacher’s Son, by Saying, ‘No, you can’t have multiple wives and concubines.’ Daniel Whyte III has thought about asking three great scholars who he respects to answer the question: Is it okay for Christian men to have multiple wives and concubines?–DR. RUSSELL MOORE, DR. TONY EVANS, and DR. JOHN PIPER; he surmises their answers in the same order. He believes Dr. Russell Moore would say ‘NO! I don’t even have to think about it.’ Dr. Tony Evans would show more compassion and say, ‘I understand what you are saying, brother, but, NO, you can’t do that and be right with God.’ And Dr. John Piper would say, ‘Let’s see . . . Let me think about it.’ ( Honors Dr. John McNeal Jr. in the Same Manner we Have Honored Dr. Billy Graham, Dr. Charles Stanley, and Dr. Tony Evans. Among Others, Dr. John McNeal Jr. Has Been a Mentor For the Greatly Used Dr. Tony Evans and Daniel Whyte III Founder and President of ( We give God the glory, praise, and honor for the life of Dr. John McNeal Jr, Who is still living and is now serving as pastor emeritus of the Atlanta Bible Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, which he founded. Daniel Whyte III says God used Dr. McNeal to teach him five great things by his preaching example and life, even though he was never a member of his church. 

HERE WE GO: Brandan Robertson, a Graduate of the Orthodox, Conservative, Evangelical MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE, is a Proud Homosexual Pastor Who Said Premarital Sex is “Good and Healthy,” Jesus Used a Racial Slur, and Made a Blasphemous Statement That Jesus Was Likely a Sinner Who Had to Grow in Sanctification. Robertson Now Preaches a SOUL-DAMNING DOCTRINE That Says Christians Should Not Convert People to Christ. Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International Says, When the Devil Possesses You to Believe That Homosexuality is Not a Sin But is Good and Right, Everything Else You Believe About God and Sin is Going to be Skewed.