NOW IT IS REVEALED THAT GOD HAS A BUILT-IN HEALTH PUNISHMENT FOR SODOMITE-HOMOSEXUAL BISEXUAL (DOWN-LOW) LESBIANS AS HE DOES FOR SODOMITE-HOMOSEXUAL BISEXUAL (DOWN-LOW) MEN: A NEW STUDY BY SCIENTISTS AT THE LIBERAL WOKE COLUMBIA SCHOOL OF NURSING IN NEW YORK SAYS LESBIAN AND BISEXUAL (DOWN-LOW) WOMEN ARE AT HIGHER HEART DISEASE RISK COMPARED TO THEIR STRAIGHT PEERS, BUT LESBIANS ALREADY KNEW THIS. Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, says, people, God has never blessed disobedience, He is not blessing disobedience now, and He will never bless disobedience, even if it is the so-called fairer sex. Whyte says the Evangelical, Protestant, and Charismatic Church needs to cease believing and teaching that women are somehow more moral than men and that God loves His girls more than His boys when God is no respecter of persons, even between the sexes. You will not find that teaching in the Scriptures. In fact, you will see that God has a lot to say about the evil of women as He does the evil of men. Some sodomite-homosexual lesbians and down-low women thought they were special because they did not get the health curses and plagues of AIDS and MONKEYPOX as the sodomite-homosexual down-low men did. However, they were dying a slow death in other ways all along. People, nobody gets away with sin in this world, male or female. If Google can keep up with your history on your computer, God knows your history and can keep up with you in real time. And He knows every detail about you and judges and deals with you accordingly.