Britain Grinds to a Halt as Half a Million Workers Go on Strike

LONDON — A longstanding dispute over wages and working conditions came to a head on Wednesday as hundreds of thousands of British workers took part in what organizers said was the biggest day of industrial action in over a decade.

Around 500,000 workers joined the day of mass action, teachers, train drivers, university lecturers, bus drivers, civil servants and airport workers marched out. The major discontent comes amid rampant inflation and years of stagnant wage growth, putting further pressure on Britain’s long-ruling Conservative government, which is grappling with a cost-of-living crisis.

Downing Street warned Brits the strike would cause “significant disruption”. Thousands of schools have been closed – around 85 per cent of schools in England and Wales are said to be affected – and most trains in England have stopped running.

British nurses are on strike over pay, testing a health care system in crisis

“Walkout Wednesday,” is how the Daily Mail described the strikes, calling it a “general strike in all but name.” The Sun tabloid dubbed the disruption “Lockdown 2023.”

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Source: UK Daily News