Pastors Warn of Cultlike Movement Forming Around Ugandan “Prophet” Elvis Mbonye, Who Perpetuates the Prosperity Gospel and Claims to Perform Miracles

Prophet Elvis Mbonye speaking in Kampala, Uganda. (Creative Commons photo.)

Today’s problems require more than prayer, Bishop Wisdom K. Peter told a crowd gathered on the outskirts of Uganda’s capital, Kampala. You need a prophet, he said.

After that introduction, in steps 45-year-old Prophet Elvis Mbonyeworth an estimated $115 million. He’s one of the country’s most talked about prophets amid claims that a variety of his predictions have come true, from the restoration of broken laptops to the election of U.S. President Donald Trump in 2016 and Brexit.

“The record he holds is much bigger than those in the Bible,” said Ivan Philip Baguma, one of Mbonye’s “remnants of God” as they’re called.

In Uganda, Mbonye has a prime-time TV slot and live streams online to more than 21,000 subscribers. Most weeks, his name trends on Twitter in Uganda, capturing a middle-class, educated, Kampala-based audience. He’s trying to expand his fanbase into neighboring Kenya and Tanzania, and in Zambia and Zimbabwe in the continent’s south.

How Prophet Elvis attracts a crowd

More than 500 people sit through at least 40 minutes of traffic each Tuesday to drive to Zoe, Mbonye’s grounds outside Kampala. At the fellowship meetings, Mbonye speaks often about “encountering” God, and “not in a theoretical way,” he tells the crowd.

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Source: Roys Report