DAY 16 OF THE GOSPEL LIGHT SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL 40-DAY DANIEL FAST AGAINST THE DEMONIC SPIRIT OF WOKEISM with Daniel Whyte III —  Try for your next Daniel Fast dessert — Apple Raisin Nut Cookies Dear friends, this is our 16th day on the 40-day Daniel Fast. Don’t forget to pray and ask God to cast out the demonic spirit of WOKEISM out of your family, out of people in the church, and out of people in the world. Daniel Whyte III president of Gospel Light Society International says there is no need to be afraid. WOKEISM is as old as Satan in the Garden of Eden tempting Eve to be WOKE. WOKEISM is as old as the book of Isaiah with the devil tempting society to be WOKE. And WOKEISM is as old as Satan tempting Jesus Christ to be WOKE by bowing down and worshiping him. WOKEISM is DECEPTIONISM, DEMONISM, and DEATH. WOKEISM is all about Satan-worship. So pray without ceasing, and fast as though your child’s life depends on it because it does.