Killer Whales Are Hunting Great White Sharks Along Coast of South Africa

A vicious pair of culprits have been killing great white sharks along South Africa’s Western Cape. (Hennie Otto/Marine Dynamics/Dyer)

How the tides have turned.

An unlikely pair of culprits have been scaring great white sharks away from the coast of South Africa for years, according to scientists who began noticing the absence of the dreaded apex predator along the country’s Western Cape — known as the global “Great White Capital” — back in 2017.

What was first suspected to have been caused by human activities such as overfishing has now been pinned on something else entirely. According to new research, it’s a particularly vicious pair of orcas, or killer whales.

Not only are they slaughtering the great whites en masse — eight carcasses have washed ashore since 2017 and many more deaths are suspected, per the latest reports — but the orcas are also tearing apart their prey to get at the hearts and nutrient-filled livers.

“What we seem to be witnessing is a large-scale avoidance, mirroring what we see used by wild dogs in the Serengeti in Tanzania in response to increased lion presence,” said study lead and marine biologist Alison Towner.

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SOURCE: New York Post, Alex Mitchell