John MacArthur Recovering From Heart Procedure

Pastor John MacArthur preaches at Grace Community Church on Jan. 17, 2021. (Video screengrab)

Well-known author and pastor John MacArthur is recovering from a “very successful” procedure to “clear some blockage in his arteries,” his California megachurch, Grace Community Church (GCC), announced late Friday.

The announcement comes after two weeks of reported health problems for the 83-year-old pastor.

MacArthur first fell ill on Sunday, January 1st. MacArthur preached at the first service at GCC that day, but was replaced by Mike Riccardi, GCC pastor of Local Outreach Ministries, at the second service.

“Just so you know, Pastor John had a bug this weak and preached our first hour but asked if he might be able to take a break for the second hour,” Elder and Staff Pastor Tom Patton told the congregation.

The next day, GCC sent an email update on MacArthur’s health, noting that MacArthur had “felt lightheaded” the day earlier.

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Source: Roys Report