Suspected California Serial Killer Charged with Murdering Seven People

Brownlee was found driving through Stockton streets dressed in black with a mask around his neck and a gun by his side, police said. / Getty Images

A suspected California serial killer who was already facing three murder raps has been charged in four more slayings, authorities said.

Wesley Brownlee allegedly started his ambush-style killing spree in April 2021 before picking up where he left off a year later, according to County of San Joaquin charging documents filed Tuesday.

Brownlee is accused of shooting Juan Vasquez Serrano to death on April 10, 2021 and killing Mervin Harmon six days later. The men were murdered in Alameda County, just a few miles west of Stockton.

On the same day of Harmon’s murder, Brownlee allegedly tried to kill Natasha Jeanne Latour. She survived.

The accused serial killer may not have pulled the trigger for another year, the documents state, until he allegedly killed Salvador Debudey Jr. on April 11 in Stockton. Brownlee allegedly then killed Paul Yaw in July, the filing shows.

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SOURCE: New York Post, Katherine Donlevy