What to do if your employer religiously discriminates against you

As an American of the Christian faith, it is important that you always feel like God is on your side. You might not find that everything in life works out as you intended, but He has a plan for you. However, what can feel like an unplanned attack on your person and your religion includes religious discrimination. Sadly, America has some pretty serious issues with religious discrimination.

While it might seem like a more rural issue, it is common for major urban cities like New York and Los Angeles to have such problems. The chances of meeting people of other religions expand as you move into larger cities, which also means your chances of meeting someone intolerant of your religion arise. When dealing with an employer with a problem with your choice of faith, you should act immediately.

Religious discrimination is a problem, but it should not be ignored. If you find yourself a victim of discriminatory behavior, you should record this incident’s first notice. When your employer begins to show some kind of issue with you for your religion, it is important to create as much proof as you can. Where possible, record conversations with senior staff – let them know they are being recorded beforehand – and ensure that any discussions with the aggressor are held outside of individual conversations.

Your first step is ensuring that the individual feels they are held accountable for their actions. Any kind of religious discrimination is not only frowned upon but also illegal. Therefore, you are under no obligation to accept this abusive behavior from anyone – at work, at home, or anywhere else in America.

What should I do if I am being discriminated against?

First, you need to take all of the evidence you have to senior management. Show them the proof that you are being treated poorly due to your religious choice and background. Give them time to treat this with the severity it deserves and act upon it accordingly. If you fail to see action or they do not take your concern seriously, it might be time to hire a legal professional.

For example, if you live in LA, you will hire a Los Angeles religious discrimination attorney. Choose someone with a reputation in the area. And always choose someone based on where you are; religious discrimination laws and regulations can vary from place to place, so it is important to have a lawyer that understands local precedent.

Ensure they have a history of fighting such cases, as well. You do not want to hire an amateur with no history of fighting or winning religious discrimination lawsuits. Once you feel like your employer is not acting on your behalf and for your well-being, it is time to get serious.

Give them due opportunity to work through the investigation. But if no action is taken or you feel like the religious discrimination is not being treated seriously, hire a lawyer. The sooner you act, and the more proof you have, the quicker you can get back to work and remove the malignant presence making your life needlessly harder.