DON’T USE SOUTHWEST AS A SCAPEGOAT. There were many transportation problems across the country during this strange holiday season. This was the worst travel/transportation Christmas season ever. Has anyone given any thought that God is punishing the church and the government, thus the nation, because we now live in a country where the transportation secretary is a homosexual man married to a man? Could it be that God has confounded things so people could not even go and do what they wanted to do for CHRISTMAS, which we commemorate as Christ’s birthday, Who happens to be the Son of God Who came to die for our sins, Who was buried and rose on the third day? If you have never thought about that you probably need to think about that because strange and bad things like that have been happening since the church, the government, and the Supreme Court have colluded together to sanction the abomination of homosexuality and homosexual marriage, and God has been chastising us starting with the coronavirus plague, which is still here because it is what the Bible calls a plague of “long continuance,” and is about to get worse, along with the addition of many other plagues, such as monkey pox.

THE PROSPERITY GOSPEL RUN AMOCK! Jesse Duplantis blasphemes God and Jesus Christ in his Christmas Day sermon by wearing a bow as an illustration that he is the gift Jesus Christ gave the Father, rather than preaching Jesus is the gift the Father gave us, and seemingly equaling himself to God and Jesus Christ. Don’t be shocked. This is where the false prosperity gospel leads to — blasphemous foolishness. It just so happens that Jesse Duplantis is way out in front of the rest of them. We at noticed that the same article is running on another major Christian site under the title: “Blasphemous — Jesse Duplantis’ Christmas Sermon Draws Accusations of Heresy.” We at say to the editors of that publication, be sure you do not play the hypocrite and be too hard on the prosperity gospel preacher Jesse Duplantis, yet promote, support, and try to resurrect a so-called evangelical, who is a well-known heretic — Andy Stanley, who has attacked the Word of God itself in an attempt to get churches to accept the abomination of homosexuality and allow practicing homosexual people to become members of the church, which has become a disaster.