Bible Lessons for Kids on Courage and Bravery

Courage is a quality that helps a person to face the greatest difficulties. Courage rejects fear. Children who are just starting their way in this world often feel fear. They are afraid of monsters, the dark, being alone at home, etc. Parents are constantly looking for different ways to help their children overcome fear and become brave. They can find the best examples of bravery in the Bible. It is a unique Book that touches on various topics, bravery, and courage as well. By telling stories from the Bible or reading favorite passages, parents encourage children to be courageous and to face all kinds of obstacles and setbacks.

What Bible says about courage and bravery

The Bible tells us about physical and moral courage. It teaches that bravery is an attitude and determination. Brave people face and respond to risk, fear, or danger. Courage is also a human virtue that motivates people to overcome dread, panic, and anxiety. 

Bravery is so crucial and it determines our life paths so much that college professors often suggest writing essays about bravery. Students can get inspiration while watching films, listening to popular songs, or reading books. Although in fact, it is the Bible that teaches us a lot about courage. So it is a perfect source to do a proper bravery essay and find examples of courage display. But if a student is not confident about how to start working on his paper, a great idea is to read free essay samples online. It will help explore the subject, figure out titles, and outline the essay. 

The best Bible passages to teach children about courage and bravery

The question is what samples of courage to choose to tell kids about it. Parents should choose powerful stories which are simple to understand. Thus, the best stories might be the following:

1. David and Goliath

Once, the Jews had a war with the Philistines. In the Philistine army, there was a strong warrior named Goliath. He was almost three meters tall. No one dared to fight such a giant. One day, a little boy named David who was a shepherd saw Goliath and saw how everyone feared him. But he was not afraid. David was convinced that God would protect him and give him strength. He put a stone in a sling and threw it at the giant. The stone hit Goliath in the forehead, and he fell to the ground. David ran up to Goliath and cut off his head. So God gave David courage and helped him defeat a strong enemy.

2. Daniel in the lion’s den.

Darius became the ruler of Babylon. He loved Daniel and wanted to make him the highest ruler over the entire kingdom. The king’s wise men were jealous of him. They knew that Daniel prayed to God, so they tricked the king into issuing a new law. Any person who prays to God will be thrown into the lion’s den. Daniel decided to pray to God despite everything. The king’s wise men saw Daniel praying and told the king that Daniel had broken the law. Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den. But God had sent an angel to shut the lions’ mouths. The lions did not harm Daniel.

3. Joshua and the battle of Jericho

God decided that the time had come for the Israelites to enter Canaan. Moses was already a very old man. Instead of himself, Moses chose Joshua as the leader of the people of Israel. Then they arrived at the great city of Jericho. It was surrounded by high and thick walls. But Joshua was not worried, because the Lord told him to be brave and how this city can be conquered. They blew the trumpets and shouted loudly. And the walls of Jericho collapsed and fell to the ground, and the people of Israel easily conquered the city.

Jesus Christ is a sample of courage for children

In situations where others were afraid and greatly frightened, Jesus was calm and confident in the Heavenly Father, who controls everything and without whose will nothing happens in life. From Him, children can learn principles that allow them to overcome fear and be courageous in every moment of their lives. Jesus courageously meets the cataclysms of nature. Jesus courageously accepted unjust accusations. Jesus courageously decides to suffer.


The Bible is a book where you will find answers to all questions. It is a perfect source of knowledge. You can spend your free time reading it or looking for inspiration to write an essay. Parents should turn to Bible passages when they are seeking examples to teach their children to lead righteous life and to be brave, courageous, honest, and fair-minded. Teaching courage to children parents help a superior way to grow and become successful.