How Can TransUnion Help You to Freeze Your Credit?

Online credit freeze requests from TransUnion must be made after you create a password-protected account. Obtaining a credit freeze is the greatest approach to prevent scammers from exploiting your credit data. This protects your data and prevents identity thieves from opening new accounts using your credit identity. Additionally, it’s free to freeze your children’s credit records.

A credit freeze, which is commonly referred to as a security freeze, is something to think about until you are certain you won’t need to review your credit any time soon. A fraud alert, however, would be a better choice if you expect to need to give access to your credit information regularly or soon, such as if you’re applying for a different account, job, or apartment. 

Credit freezes must be individually put up with Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion credit bureaus. Additionally, each lift of a freeze must be done separately. Frozen and unfrozen credit are both free.

Ways to Freeze a TransUnion Credit Report

Nowadays, a lot of personal information is stored on the Internet. On the one hand, it is convenient, on the other hand, it increases the risk of being attacked by cybercriminals. If you happen to lose money due to someone hacking your online accounts, you can use the $100 loan instant app or borrow some money from your friends to cover the costs for a while, but of course, it’s better to avoid such leaks. 

One of three significant U.S. credit bureaus, along with Equifax and Experian, is TransUnion. These companies gather customer credit data, which they subsequently sell to other companies. You can instruct TransUnion to stop sharing your credit information with other companies by freezing your credit report on TransUnion. This information freeze prevents anyone from utilizing your information to open new credit accounts.

Do It Online

TransUnion is one of the three major U.S. credit bureaus, alongside Equifax and Experian. These businesses collect consumer credit information, which they then sell to other businesses. By freezing your TransUnion credit report, you can direct TransUnion to discontinue exchanging your financial info with other businesses. Your information cannot be used to create new credit accounts thanks to this information freeze.

You must supply your name, the last four digits of your Social Security number, your address, and your birthdate in order to open or freeze an account. Be aware that consent to receive emails from TransUnion and its partners is located above the “submit and continue” button. 

Yes is the default. If you don’t wish to get them, you must change them. The next step will involve some identification-related inquiries, such as asking for your previous addresses’ street numbers, the dates of the opening of your credit accounts, or an estimate of your loan payments.

A PIN might be chosen by you or assigned to you. If you want to unfreeze a credit report by phone or mail rather than online, you will need the PIN. A new PIN can also be requested by phone or online. You could still access your personal file to check on credit activity even though the freeze is in effect. As often as you’d like, check NerdWallet for your free TransUnion credit report summary.

Can You Do It by Phone?

Additionally, customers can start a freeze by dialing 800-916-8800. You have the option of finishing the procedure via an automated machine or speaking with an agent. You will be required to provide basic information, including your full name, any suffixes like Jr., address, birth date, and Social Security number. 

You may also be asked to provide a response to an authentication question. According to a TransUnion official, customers who chose the automated service will receive a randomly generated PIN; however, customers who contact a live agent will have a choice.

Freezing by Postal Mail

Submit your application to TransUnion LLC if you’d like to freeze your credit by mail. Your birthdate, address, legal name, Social Security number, as well as copies of any other documents that can serve as proof of your identity and address, such as your driver’s utility bills, passport, license, etc., must be included. TransUnion points out that freezing credit via mail takes the longest. You will receive a randomly issued PIN in the post after the freeze has been put in place.

If you doubt the safety of this method, then we have good news for you. This figure is the number of people who, between FY 2015 and FY 2017, gave the USPS’s most recent delivery performance a five or six on a six-point scale. In FY 2017, 74% of those surveyed gave recent USPS deliveries a favorable rating. This is a pretty good indicator, although some risks are still present.

What Freezing Your Reports Won’t Help You With

Most businesses are unable to verify your credit details with TransUnion once you’ve frozen your credit report on TransUnion. Even if you already have an account with some companies, they may still review your credit report, but only in order to review your current accounts—not in order to open new ones. 

Government organizations with the necessary court or administrative regulations may also monitor frozen accounts, as may collection agencies acting on behalf of creditors you have conducted deals with. Lastly, freezing your report won’t stop your data from being compiled for prescreening credit or insurance offers.

TransUnion Credit Freeze Removal

Freezing of credit must be done separately with each bureau. You might be able to learn which credit bureau’s information is utilized and unfreeze only that one, sparing some time, if you’re producing a single credit application, such as getting prequalified for an apartment or a car loan. To unfreeze your credit online, simply log in with the same credentials you used to freeze it. If you remove a freeze via phone or postal mail, you also need the PIN.


All in all, there are several methods to freeze your credit report on TransUnion. If you feel that your finances are at risk, use the method that is most convenient for you and feel the long-awaited peace.