Vicar of Church Targeted by ‘Satanists’ Who ‘Stabbed Sheep and Sprayed Them With Pentagrams’ Three Years Ago Now Warns of More ‘Sinister’ Conduct After a Cat Was Found Hanging From a Flagpole

The vicar of a church targeted by ‘Satanists’ who ‘stabbed sheep and sprayed them with pentagrams’ in 2019 has warned of ‘sinister’ conduct after the bodies of more animals were left in plain sight.

Reverend David Bacon, of St Peter’s Church in Bramshaw, Hampshire, raised the prospect of ‘witchcraft’ after a cat was found by congregation members hanging ‘horribly’ from a flagpole.

This followed the discovery of a dead fox on the doorstep of the 12th century church a few weeks ago.

Reverend Bacon said the group of ladies who found the cat when they came to clean and prepare the church for Christmas were left ‘unsettled’.

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Source: Daily Mail