University of Brighton Says Staff Should Not Say ‘Christmas’ Because It’s Too ‘Christian-centric’ and Instead Call It the ‘Winter Closure Period’

The University of Brighton has advised staff to not say ‘Christmas’ and instead call it the ‘winter closure period’.

The word ‘Christmas’ is too ‘Christian-centric’, according to a nine-page ‘inclusive language guidance’ document sent to lecturers at the university.

Staff are also advised not to ask students ‘what is your Christian name?’ but instead say ‘what is your first name?’ or ‘what is your given name?’

Generalisations about a group of people based on their age, such as saying ‘millennial snowflakes’ or ‘old people cannot use technology’, should also be avoided, according to the guidance.

Staff should be ’empowered’ to use ‘inclusive language confidently and effectively, in order to ensure that both students and staff alike feel safe, valued and respected’, the document says.

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Source: Daily Mail