19 Former Students Make New Claims of Physical and Sexual Abuse at Fundamentalist Baptist Boarding School in Court Filings

Agape Ranch and Boarding School near Stockton, Missouri is operated by Agape Baptist Church. (Image: KY3 / Video screengrab)

Nineteen former students of an embattled fundamentalist boarding school in Missouri have made new claims of brutal physical and sexual abuse in court filings this month. These include allegedly being choked, having their heads bashed against the floor, and genitals punched.

Plaintiffs made more than 50 claims in the filings, graphically describing the physical, sexual, mental, and emotional abuse they allegedly suffered for decades at Agape Boarding School near Stockton.

The filings are the latest in ongoing litigation between former students and Agape Boarding School and Agape Baptist Church, the Independent Fundamental Baptist church that runs the school. The church’s pastor, James Clemensen, founded the boarding school, and his son, Bryan Clemensen, runs the school.

Some of the alleged abuse has been allegedly been captured on video, as previously reported in The Roys Report (TRR). Several employees of the school have also been charged with numerous counts of felony assault. They have reportedly pleaded not guilty and are scheduled for hearings next month.

One of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the church and school, Robert Bucklin, says in his filing that Bryan Clemensen kicked and punched him, as did other staffers. He adds that staff physically abused him “countless times,” including strangling him and slamming him to the ground.

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Source: Roys Report