Myanmar Military Attacks Kachin Baptist Seminary, 4 Injured

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Myanmar’s military attacked a Kachin Baptist seminary in Shan State on November 3. Shrapnel from artillery rounds injured four men. The seminary is not located in an active combat zone.

We spoke to a Christian from Myanmar, whose name we are withholding for security purposes. He says most of the armed resistance in Myanmar is being carried out by ethnic Christian groups.

For instance, over 90 percent of the Kachin people practice Christianity. The Kachin people also have one of the largest armed groups in Myanmar. The Christian says, “Most young people in this area are taking up arms, fighting against the military, and joining the armed resistance groups. So the military is targeting Bible schools, pastors, and church buildings.”

He goes on to say that almost all Christian ministry in the region has been disrupted because they cannot meet safely to worship. 

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Pray the violence across Myanmar would end soon.
  • Ask God to give the Christian community strength as they endure constant attacks.