How to Teach Students Christian Principles for Entertainment

Entertainment is everywhere during these times. Thanks to technology, a lot of tools can be used to create it, in any form. Everyone now has access to TV programs, videos, podcasts, photos, reels, and many more that create entertainment in one form or another. However, not everything you will find online or streamed on a TV is something that children should watch. This is one of the topics many experts are talking about these days, as they are not right for everyone. 

They do not discuss a topic of interest or that abides by the Christian principles for entertainment. There are a lot of examples we can talk about and that we will delve more into by discussing the Christian principles for entertainment. If you are wondering how to teach any student these, continue reading below. What does the bible say about entertainment? What form of entertainment was inspired by religion? What about scripture about having fun? 

The Heart Principle

There are a lot of Proverbs that just highlight this principle which is so valuable in Christianity. They say that everything you expose yourself to, you will integrate within your heart. This means that you need to expose yourself to that type of entertainment that enriches you, that makes you become better. 

Everything has an impact on our hearts and exposing yourself to prolonged damaging entertainment forms will not help you. You can read more entertainment industry essays and find many free essay examples online about entertainment that help you understand this industry better. There is an entire database of written samples and free essay examples any college student can read to get a glimpse of the topic better. You will understand the Heart Principle better. As a teacher who wants to teach students Christian principles for entertainment, you need to first understand them. As this is one of the ways you can pass on the knowledge you already have. At the same time, it will help you select the multimedia materials to use within classes easily, as students need examples. 

The Mind Principle

Maybe not all know that God gave us a list of things we should think about. However, entertainment made during these days falls short of these things and they, in fact, encourage you to think about things not good for your mind. You need to think about things that are pure, excellent, honorable, and just. 

It would be helpful to find some examples for these all and discuss them within the class with your students. Maybe you can even ask them to come up with their own examples, just to see how their mind is working and their perspective on life. Having an open and honest discussion with students about the Mind Principle is crucial, as it will help them understand the Christian principles for entertainment better. 

The Identity Principle

One of the nicest things about Christianity is that it encourages people to be who they truly are. It encourages them to be true to themselves and to use forms of entertainment that help them become better versions of themselves. However, the entertainment we see developed these days might do the contrary. 

It might encourage and create double standards and it might glorify behaviors and attitudes that are opposite to what the Bible says. As Christians, it is crucial to follow what the scripture says, so the Identity principle is essential. You can spark discussions through a lot of games and activities to help students get to know themselves better. 

Final Thoughts

A lot of people have developed a lot of misconceptions about Christianity and its principles. However, they are crucial to living a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life. Knowing who you truly are and being true to yourself is one of these principles. Taking care of your mind and heart are another two principles that contribute to this. 

Entertainment made during these days might promote things that are in opposition to what the Bible says. The more time you spend indulging in entertainment that is not good for your mind and heart, the more you lose your identity and develop double standards. Students should know this and as a teacher, you have the power of teaching them the value of Christian principles and how to choose the right form of entertainment for their souls.