Three-Year-Old Girl Sleeping Under Blanket Survives Thailand Daycare Center Massacre

Nong Am, 3, survived the massacre in Thailand as she reportedly continued to nap while covered by a blanket. (ViralPress)

A 3-year-old girl was the only child to survive the massacre in Thailand in which an ex-cop slaughtered 37 people, including 24 kids – when she managed to sleep through the whole rampage with a blanket on her head, police said.

Panya Kamrap, 34, a former police sergeant fired earlier this year because of a drug charge, apparently failed to notice Nong Am as she continued to snooze while the bloodbath unfolded in the town of Nongbua Lamph.

The deranged shooter is believed to have missed the little girl because she was fully covered by a blanket. The rest of her classmates were all killed.

“It is a miracle from God that saved my niece’s life,” Wutthichai Baothong said, according to news agency Viral Press.

Meanwhile, relatives wailed and collapsed in grief Friday before the small coffins of the victims of the unthinkable gun and knife attack Thursday.

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SOURCE: New York Post, Yaron Steinbuch