THERE’S A DEVIL LOOSE: The RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD, ELON MUSK, BLAMES WOKE INSTITUTIONS and COLLEGES for TURNING HIS SO-CALLED “TRANSGENDER” DAUGHTER, 18 YEARS OLD, AGAINST HIM and Accuses America’s Elite Institutions of Teaching “full-on communism.” — Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Says, Ladies and gentlemen, I have been telling you for years now, that the public school system under the U.S. government and secular universities and even so-called Christian universities and sad to say, so-called INCLUSIVE CHURCHES are boldly and intentionally brainwashing your children and  turning them against you to promote their satanic agenda of homosexuality, so-called homosexual marriage, so-called transgenderism, drag queens trying to turn boys into girls and girls into boys and reading books to children in libraries, schools, and churches that without the parents’ knowledge, permission or consent, and their strategy is to have your children curse you, dishonor you, disrespect you, and even hate you. They know they have to do that to make your children believe in their demonic foolishness.