Oklahoma Man Pleads Guilty to Murdering Pastor Whose Wife is Serving Life in Prison for Plotting the Killing

ADA, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma man has pleaded guilty to murdering his lover’s husband.

In March 2021, Pastor David Evans, of Freewill Harmony Church in Ada, was shot in the head while he slept. Investigators said the gunman used the pastor’s own gun and bullets.

Prosecutors say Evans’ wife, Kristie Evans, and her lover, Kahlil Square, came up with a plan to shoot and kill the pastor.

Kristie Evans said from the outside of the home, Pastor Evans was “charming,” “smooth” and “suave.” However, she said behind closed doors he was controlling and abusive to her and their three children.

“From day one she was abused. She went from being in a small town home with her mom and dad, to a very abusive home with her husband, who over decades and decades abused her physically, emotionally, financially, sexually, especially in the last five years,” said Joi Miskel, Evans’s defense attorney. “He pretty much farmed her out and had men have sex with her, sometimes multiples at a time.”

Evans said her husband would put out ads on Craigslist, advertising men could do whatever they wanted to Evans. He would plan with the men without asking her.

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Source: KFOR