Ohio Woman on Birthday Trip with Friends in Florida Dies After Nail Pierced Her Heart When Roof Collapsed on Them During Hurricane Ian

On Sunday, a balloon release took place in honor of Harris-Miles at her home Dayton in Dayton, her daughter wrote in a Facebook page

A woman celebrating her 40th birthday on a vacation in paradise with friends was tragically killed when a nail from a collapsing roof pierced her heart during Hurricane Ian.

Nishelle Harris-Miles traveled to Fort Myers, Florida, from Dayton, Ohio, just prior to the arrival of the storm, Harris’ cousin Chanel Maston told WLWT.

Maston said the group used a sheet to try and stay together while water flooded the room.

‘We strapped ourselves to each other with a sheet, laid on the mattress. That water came out that floor so fast, so quick. The roof was smashing us.’

She continued: ‘We tried to kick off the roof and lay on the mattress. It kicked off that roof, so that roof wouldn’t smash us and the roof went, and we went.’

During the carnage Maston that posted videos on Facebook and checked in with family members back in Ohio to assure them that the group was safe.

She added: ‘We started calling people before the water really started rising. We called 911. We called 211. We called everybody to get us out of there, and nobody came.’

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Paul Farrell